Dent removal for hail damaged vehicle in Springwood

Many people underestimate the damage that can happen to their cars by hail storms. This Volkswagen Golf was damaged in a recent storm affecting Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. It caused a lot of vehicle dents due to impact from multiple hailstones. When combined with strong winds, hailstones can cause dents in nearly every panel of a vehicle, as was the case with this Golf.

Using traditional panel beating techniques, a repair of this size would have been very costly and left the customer without a car for many days, if not weeks. Bogging and re-painting the panels would also mean that the factory paint would not have been maintained, reducing the quality of the car’s finish.

Fortunately, the owners of this vehicle had their car repaired by PDR 2U. They had peace of mind, knowing that all paintless dent repairs were carried out using efficient and cost-effective dent removal techniques that maintained the high-quality factory paint finish on their vehicle. They were also pleased to hear that they had a lifetime guarantee on all of their PDR 2U dent repairs.

Due to work commitments, this customer also had significant time constraints and could not be without a car for a long period. As a result, PDR 2U was able to work in with the customer’s busy schedule and had the car restored to its original condition in less than 48 hours. There are NO visible dents and the paintwork is completely undamaged. This quick repair time meant that the customer was able get on with his life with minimal interruption.

If you have any enquiries about hail damage dent repairs or need an insurance quote for your private or fleet vehicle, call us on 0448 844 328 to talk to one of our professional paintless dent repair technicians.

Take a look at the two images below to see the repair job

(Above) The Hail Damage to the Vehicle
(Below) The Repair