In addition to catering for personal and private vehicles, PDR 2U also offers a comprehensive service for fleet vehicles. Our team can deal with everything from day-to-day door dents to large-scale hail repairs for tens, or even hundreds of vehicles at a time! For fleet vehicles that have been leased, PDR 2U can ensure that your vehicles stay dent-free so that you do not receive any nasty fees when returning your vehicles.

Choosing PDR 2U to look after your fleet has many benefits over using a traditional panel beater. We can offer on-site repairs at your convenience and in most cases, a same-day repair. Additionally, all our paintless dent removal work comes with a lifetime guarantee.

For large-scale hail repairs, our experienced team can work on-site or alternatively, we can organise an off-site location for vehicle dent repair, ensuring that our work does not interfere with yours. We understand that being without fleet vehicles can be an inconvenience. Therefore, we can restore large numbers of cars to their pristine condition with quick timeframes. Our goal is to make repairing your fleet vehicles as convenient for you as possible.

fleet vehicles hail damage

Following the Brisbane hail storms in late 2017, the skilled and experienced team from PDR 2U quickly and efficiently repaired more than 200 vehicles for three different fleet customers. All vehicles were repaired to immaculate condition. Each customer had different needs and the PDR 2U team exceeded expectations every time!

Our competitive pricing ensures you receive value for money along with outstanding workmanship when you choose PDR 2U to look after your fleet. We can offer free quotes upon inspection for all dents and hail damage, ensuring that your vehicles are back on the road in their pre-dent condition in no time!

For enquiries about fleet services, call us today.