Tips On Avoiding Car Dents

Have you ever wondered how you ended up with that annoying dent in your car? There are many ways that a vehicle can end up dented, often without the owner even knowing it has happened. It can often be difficult to determine how your car was dented and what you can do to avoid car dents in the future. After speaking to hundreds of customers, I have noticed a few causes of car dents that have become recurrent issues.

In shopping centre car parks, trolleys and other drivers carelessly opening their car doors onto neighbouring cars have proven to be the biggest car dent culprits. While it is often hard to avoid carpark mishaps, there are a few precautionary steps you can take to avoid dents in your vehicle.

When choosing a place to park, try parking away from the majority of vehicles. This will reduce the chance that a driver will park immediately next to you and accidentally open their door onto yours. Parking further away also minimises the risk of stray trolleys running into your car while you are not there. The same rule applies to other areas with high foot traffic, such as school car parks. Children and other pedestrians will often carelessly walk amongst parked cars, accidentally hitting them with items like school bags and sporting equipment, resulting in frustrating car dents.

While you cannot control how other people choose to park, you can choose how you park your own car. Parking straight and in the middle of the parking bay maximises the amount of room on each side of your car. This reduces the chances of someone opening their door onto your vehicle causing a car door dent. Although this may seem obvious, taking the time to park correctly really can make all the difference when it comes to preventing dents.

At home, car dents often happen when objects hit the car while it is stationary. Keeping your car garaged can prevent unwanted objects from coming into contact with your vehicle. By garaging your car, it will be protected from everything including falling tree branches, stray cricket balls and even hail. It also prevents other drivers and pedestrians from accidentally damaging your car when you are not there to protect it. Just make sure that when your pride and joy are in the garage, you do not store items such as surfboards and bikes near your vehicle where they could fall on or against it.

While it is always better to do all that you can to prevent car dents, we all know that accidents still happen. If you do end up with a dent in your car, it is important to remember that Paintless Dent Removal is a quicker and cheaper option than taking your car to a conventional panel beater. PDR 2U offers a mobile paintless dent removal service, making your dent repair as quick and convenient as possible. We also make sure your factory paint finish is maintained.

If you have any enquiries about our mobile Paintless Dent Removal service, contact us today. To receive a free quote, text aphoto of your dent to 0448844328 or complete the online form.