We are often asked by customers about the process that goes into repairing dents or hail damage in their vehicles. Our response to this question always depends on many factors as each repair is unique. The methods used to repair a vehicle will vary depending on the make and model of the car, the condition of the paint and the location of the dents.

Different car manufacturers have different processes for bracing the panels on their cars. Panel bracing provides structural support to your panels, but may also prevent Paintless Dent Removal technicians from being able to massage dents out from the inside of the panel. Dents behind braces may need to be removed using other methods such as the glue pulling method. This method allows our technicians to remove dents from the outside of the panel and is particularly helpful for removing dents from areas that are hard to reach from behind the panel with conventional tools or areas on panels that are directly over bracing.

In addition to using different bracing structures, car manufacturers also differ in the metal they use to construct the panels on their cars. Panels are often made out of steel, high-tensile steel or aluminium, and the techniques required to repair each type of metal varies. Steel panels are the softest and can often be repaired using standard tools. High-tensile steel and aluminium are less malleable and often require different techniques and tools that apply more pressure to massage the panel back to its original shape. Our expert technician’s vast experience means that he knows which tools and techniques are required to achieve outstanding results every time.

Believe it or not, even the quality of the paint on your vehicle needs to be considered by our technician when he is planning how to repair your dents. If your car has been repainted or if the paint on your car is in poor condition, our technician will need to inspect the paintwork carefully to ensure the correct dent removal technique is used.

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