Training to become a Paintless Dent Removal Technician


Training to become a Paintless Dent Removal technician is highly specialized and those most likely to succeed are self-motivated, patient and committed. Acquiring the necessary skills to earn an income in Paintless Dent Removal takes time, patience and loads and loads of practice, and most of this practice is done in the trainee’s own time! The fact that there is no formal apprenticeship to become a paintless dent removal technician may lead people to believe that this profession is easy when in reality, paintless dent removal is a fine art that requires countless hours, days, weeks and years of practice. Our technicians at PDR 2U have spent many years training and working with industry professionals to ensure their skills are second to none.

Training involves learning how to use highly specialized tools and lighting to remove different types of dents from a wide variety of vehicles. Trainees also need to learn how to navigate their way around panels and bracing to gain access to all areas of each panel. Furthermore, they need to learn which tools to use to achieve the best outcomes. What may work really well on one type of vehicle may not be the best approach on a different type of vehicle. Learning how to remove dents from different types of metals is also a difficult skill to master. In addition to learning how to remove dents, PDR trainees also need to learn how to remove and reinstall interior and exterior trimmings without damaging the customer’s car. This is often necessary to gain entry to areas of panels that would otherwise be unrepairable.

Our team at PDR 2U work closely with car dealerships, panel repair shops and industry leaders. These important contacts keep our technicians up to date with the latest techniques and technologies, as well as advances in car manufacturing processes, to ensure our technicians are fully equipped and educated about any advances and changes in the automotive industry. Our team at PDR 2U have spent a lifetime working on a wide variety of vehicles and understand the unique differences between makes and models. Our commitment to customer service and our dedication to ensure we are prepared for any paintless dent repair on any vehicle puts PDR 2U above our competition.

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