Leased and fleet vehicles

Do you drive a leased vehicle that you need to return very soon? Or are you a company that leases many vehicles? Either way, unless you like to throw your money down the drain, you will want to make sure the vehicles you return are in perfect condition, otherwise, a nasty surprise awaits you.

At the end of each vehicle’s lease period, it is assessed by the company that the car is leased from and any damage they find, including dents and hail damage, incur an extra cost to the individual or company leasing the car. It is usually much cheaper to get this type of damaged fixed before the leasing company gets its eyes on your car. It is a time of delight when leasing companies find damage on your vehicle, as they know they can charge you exorbitant fees to have the damage repaired. If you’re keen to save yourself this shock, then the best advice you will receive today is to get any damage to your vehicle repaired before your lease expires.

PDR 2U provides a mobile service that specialises in paintless dent and hail damage removal. We can also arrange sticker removal, polishing and paint touch ups to be done. The cost of getting these repairs done yourself is far less than the leasing company will charge you to have them repaired. The repair process will be exactly the same, except you will avoid the additional fee that the leasing company will slap on top of what we would charge if we came to you directly.

As well as working with private clients who have leased their vehicles, PDR 2U also maintains company and private vehicle fleets. The service that PDR 2U provides to each fleet is tailored to their specific needs, and we work to ensure that all repairs are carried out in a manner that is as convenient, timely and as affordable as possible. On most occasions, your repairs can be carried out on-site, with same-day service. If you are a company with multiple vehicles, we also offer fleet pricing.

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