Paintless Dent Removal Tools Of The Trade

Paintless Dent Removal technicians perform their job using a wide range of tools. Each tool has its own unique purpose, and our technicians at PDR 2U know exactly how to put each of them to work to make your dents disappear! Continue reading to learn more about some of the tools used by PDR 2U!

Specialised lights are used to highlight dents so that our highly trained technicians can ensure your dents are completely removed. Positioning of these lights is key, and multiple lights are often used in combination to highlight all areas of the panel, exposing any and all dents to the technician.

Line board
A line board is often used in combination with specialised lights, as distortions in the reflection of the line board highlights areas on the panel that are warped from their original shape. This tool is used when first inspecting a car and also when our technician gives your car its final check, ensuring that all dents have been properly removed to the highest standard.

PDR steel rods
Traditional PDR repairs involve a trained dent technician using a range of uniquely shaped and sized stainless, carbon fiber and high-strength steel rods to massage your dents out from the inside of your vehicle’s panels. Our technicians’ experience ensures they know exactly which tool to use to gain the greatest access to your specific dent and panel, making sure your repair is flawless.

Access tools
Further accessory tools are also frequently used to help our technician access dents in hard-to-reach locations. Plastic wedges and guards may be used to allow our technician to insert a tool through your window without damaging the glass or plastic moulds holding the window in place.

Tools may be used to remove interior trimmings and the complex variety of screws and clips that hold them in place. These tools, combined with our technicians’ in-depth understanding of how vehicles are assembled, are designed to grant PDR 2U’s technicians access to areas of your car that they would not otherwise be able to reach. These tools give our technicians the ability to remove and perfectly reinstall a variety of trimmings including interior lights, pillar moulds and hood linings.

Glue tabs/gun/puller
When the shape of the panel or the bracing holding it in place prevent our technician from removing your dents by massaging them out from the inside of the panel, an alternative method may be used. The dent repair method known as “glue pulling” is commonly employed when dents are in locations not accessible by traditional rods. Glue tabs are attached to your car using a specialised glue and hot glue gun, before being removed by a tool that allows our technician to control the speed and power used to remove the glue tab, pulling the panel back into its original shape. This process is effective at pulling out dents in areas of the panel that cannot be reached from the inside.

Tap downs and blending hammers
“Tap downs” and blending hammers are tools commonly used to massage raised portions of the panel back to their original level. When dents are created, they often leave both an indentation, known as a low spot, and a crown, known as a high spot. Traditional PDR tools are effective at removing the low spots, but tap downs and blending hammers are necessary to massage the high spots out of your panels. Using tap downs and blending hammers in combination with traditional dent removal tools means that we leave no trace of your original dent!

Power box
As technology progresses, more innovative and exciting ways to repair dents in cars are becoming available. A recent advance in Paintless Dent Repair technology, known as the PDR Power Box, uses high-frequency pulses to stabilize and shrink stretched metal back into place. This tool is owned by few and mastered by even less, but is able to be readily deployed as necessary by PDR 2U’s professional technicians.