At PDR 2U we pride ourselves on customer service and our ability to make your dent repair experience as convenient as possible. With the constant pressures of everyday life, we understand how difficult it can be to find time in your busy week to schedule a dent repair, so our aim is to make this process hassle free by offering a complete mobile dent repair service.

As a mobile service, we are able to travel to basically any location convenient to you! We’ve repaired dings and dents for all sorts of vehicles in all sorts of places including schools, office car parks, panel shops and of course, at customers’ homes. All we need is a shady area to work in. A garage, undercover area or carport is ideal because we need a bright light to shine onto your car dent. We can repair your car in virtually any location, meaning your dent repair can be done while you’re busy doing something else. Furthermore, most dents can be repaired in less than an hour, which means you’ll be back on the road, zooming off to your next destination in no time at all!

If you are in need of an urgent dent repair, look no further than PDR 2U! We have managed to ‘save the day’ for many customers over the years. From the wife who accidentally put a ding in her husband’s pride and joy to the businessman who dented his rental car as he was about to return it. Our fast and convenient mobile dent repair service has turned catastrophe into calm, more times than we can count. We’ve also received many urgent calls from car yards, dealerships, panel shops, mechanics and detailers who have dented their customer’s cars minutes before they were due to be collected. We all know that accidents happen, but the good news is that these ‘accidents’ were perfectly repaired with a guarantee that no evidence of the dent will ever return.

PDR 2U services most Brisbane, Logan, Redland and Gold Coast areas. For a detailed map of our service areas or to request your free quote, contact us on 044844328