While each day as a Paintless Dent Removal specialist varies greatly, we thought you might like to take a ride with us as we show you what a morning on the job looks like.

Our work day today began in Hope Island where we arrived at 7:00am to repair our first customer’s car. This customer had an annoying dent in the driver’s door of her Mercedes Benz SLK350. It had occurred when the passenger of a neighbouring car carelessly opened their door and connected with her Mercedes in the underground carpark of her apartment complex. This left a thin dent about 10cm long in the middle of her door, which caught her eye every time she went to hop in her car. When we spoke with her on the phone late yesterday, she told us she has a busy work schedule and might struggle to find enough time to fit the repair in during her week, so we offered to arrive early this morning to repair her dent before her busy workday started.

As this door dent was long and thin, we decided to use traditional paintless dent repair methods to repair the damage. Using a window guard and an airbag, we created a space between the window and the inner side of the panel. This enabled us to fit our specially shaped tools behind the panel to massage the dent out from top to bottom. Specialised lighting directed at the front of the panel and the trained eye of our exceptionally skilled PDR technician quickly restored the panel to its original condition. As an added bonus, we were also able to repair a few smaller door dents that were on the same panel – free of charge! The whole repair took approximately 20 minutes, allowing our customer to make it to work with plenty of time to spare. She could not believe how easy it was to have her pride and joy repaired with PDR 2U!

After leaving our happy customer in Hope Island, we travelled to nearby Southport to visit a car dealership that we regularly service. At this location, we worked our magic to repair dents that may have accidently occurred due to the fact that vehicles are constantly moved around the yard, inspected by buyers and taken out for test drives. We were able to repair six vehicles this morning, restoring them back to pristine condition ready to sell. Each time we fix a dent or ding, we save the dealership time and money as we repair their vehicles on site. This means they do not need to lose their vehicles for days at a time as is the case with panel shop repairs. Our methods of repair are environmentally friendly and retain the factory paint finish of each vehicle. We also guarantee that no dent will ever return which means that when customers purchase the repaired vehicles from the dealership, we guarantee they will have no long term problems as a result of our repairs.

After leaving Southport, we headed off to Coomera where our customer had accidentally reversed his brand-new Toyota Hilux into his letterbox while leaving home for work this morning. This left a considerable dent in the tailgate of his leased work ute. Fortunately for this customer, we were able to meet him at work to ensure his dent was repaired on the same day the damage occurred! Due to the location of his dent, the repair process involved the use of two different paintless dent removal techniques. Firstly, a glue-pulling method was used on the front of the panel to pull out the bulk of the dent. The remainder of the dent was then completely removed by working from behind the panel with specialised tools to gently massage the metal back to its original shape. Using our expertise and extensive knowledge of appropriate tools and techniques, we were able to bring this Toyota Hilux tailgate back to its pre-dent condition in less than an hour, saving our customer the time and money he would otherwise have lost on a conventional repair. After witnessing our repair, the extremely grateful customer said he was “blown away by how quick the repair process was” and that he was “impressed by the perfect result, especially considering the damage was only done this morning”. The best part of any job we do is seeing the joy and relief it brings to our customers. This job was no exception.

Following our job in Coomera, we enjoyed an early lunch before heading north to fill our afternoon with more PDR repairs in Logan, Redlands and Brisbane. We truly love what we do, and it is a pleasure to give you an insight into what our morning was like as Brisbane’s highest rated Paintless Dent Removal service.

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