When Sarah woke up one morning, she had no idea just how stressful her day was about to become. After organising the kids for school and seeing her husband off to work, she jumped into her own car to head out for the day, but as she was climbing in, she pushed her driver’s side door a little too far and heard a thud. To her horror, she knew exactly what had happened before she even turned to look. Unfortunately, she was right. She had pushed her Toyota Corolla door into her husband’s pride and joy, his 2019 Ford Mustang GT. Knowing how much this car meant to her husband, she knew right there and then, she was in trouble! Sarah told us she often jokes with him that he loves his car more than her!

Fortunately for Sarah, she was able to solve her problem with a quick internet search. She soon discovered that the best way to get rid of a door ding is to have it repaired by a paintless dent removal specialist as PDR repairs can be done on site and in only a fraction of the time compared to a traditional panel shop repair. She also discovered that PDR repairs retain the original factory paint finish on the vehicle and she knew how important this would be to her husband who spends his weekends meticulously cleaning and detailing every inch of his vehicle. Having decided upon the most appropriate method of repair, Sarah was then faced with the most difficult question of all – who would she trust with her husband’s pride and joy?

After searching “Paintless Dent Repair Springwood”, Sarah found that PDR 2U stood out from the rest. With 180+ 5-star reviews and a perfect customer satisfaction rating, PDR 2U was the obvious choice for her repair. She called Wayne straight away and explained her dire situation. Within a few hours of Sarah’sdistress call, Wayne arrived at her house to repair the magnificent Mustang. Wayne took less than half an hour to repair the damage, but he saved Sarah from a long day of worry. When the repair was finished, Sarah was stunned. There was absolutely no trace of the dent. She could not believe how perfect the panel looked and was equally impressed with the service she received from PDR 2U. Wayne may have managed to save the day for Sarah, but outcomes like this are equally as rewarding for us when we leave behind a very happy customer. Thanks Sarah!

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