Even if you have a small dent in your vehicle, panel shops require you to drop your car off at their workshop and leave it there for several days. Sometimes, you will even need to leave it there for weeks! 

Paintless dent repair, however, does not require you to be without your car for an extended period of time. Most small dent repairs can be completed within an hour, getting you back on the road in no time! 


Traditional panel beaters use tools and techniques that require your car be in their workshop, regardless of whether that suits your situation or not. 

Paintless dent repair, on the other hand, can be completed by one of PDR 2U’s mobile small dent repairs technicians in a location that is most convenient for you. PDR 2U is able to complete your repair at your home, work or even in an undercover carpark! 


If you take your vehicle to be repaired at a traditional panel shop, your vehicle will typically go through the hands of several employees from office staff to panel beaters and spray painters. On most occasions, you will not have direct contact with the tradespeople completing your repair. Details regarding your expectations may not be passed on during the repair process as your vehicle passes through the various stations within the panel shop. 

In contrast, during the repair process with PDR 2U, the entire repair will be completed by one repairer who you will be able to directly communicate with. This means your repairer will have a complete understanding of your expectations. We have many customers who stand by their car and watch as we complete their repair. They are always amazed as we appear to magically remove their dents in front of their eyes!


When your car is repaired at a panel shop, the dents and damage in your vehicle will typically be filled with bog or filler, then sanded over before being painted. This does not actually fix the damage. It simply hides it. Over time, this bog can crack, leaving the bogged up area looking like cracked concrete which stands out as an ugly patch compared to the rest of the car. Furthermore, when a car is repainted, it can sometimes be difficult to match the colour of the new paint to the existing paint on the vehicle. This can leave the car owner with an ever present reminder of the damage. 

Alternatively, when your vehicle is repaired using PDR small dent repairs techniques, no bog or fillers are used. PDR 2U’s highly skilled technicians use a range of tools and specialised lighting to gently massage the damaged metal back to its original shape, completely alleviating the need to use any supplementary fillers. Your car’s original factory paintwork remains in tact as your vehicle is restored to its pre-dent condition and no evidence of the dent will ever return. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We back this up with our lifetime guarantee on all of our PDR repairs.

PDR limitations

Unfortunately, paintless dent removal techniques cannot be used in all situations. In some instances, where the damaged area is too large or where the paint has been damaged, PDR cannot be used to remove your dents. If you are unsure about whether paintless dent removal is suitable to repair your dents, feel free to call or text a photo of your dents to 0448 844 328 for an obligation-free quote. Alternatively, you can upload photos on our website.