Driving can be hazardous at the best of times; however, you are more likely to receive a dent in a shopping centre carpark than out on the road. This can be both inconvenient and annoying for a lot of car owners but you should be able to fix it through your insurance right?

What your insurance will cover

Standard third party or CTP insurance will not cover your car for damages such as dents. Do not be mistaken that this type of insurance will cover you in an accident, however minor. CTP insurance only protects you against claims from other parties such as vehicle owners, drivers and pedestrians.

Fully comprehensive insurance will cover your vehicle when it receives a dent. This will enable you to perform a repair on your vehicle without the need to fork out extra cash. Although, you may loose your no claims bonus on a minor repair. 

Should you claim pdr repairs through your insurance?

When your car is dented you have the option of claiming the repair through your insurance or paying for the repair yourself. If it is only a minor dent in the side of your car or on your bonnet you are better off paying for a mobile paintless dent repairer to perform the repairs. This will help you save your no claims bonus instead of wasting it on such a minor repair.

If your car has multiple dents that have been left and built up over time then it is worth repairing your car through your insurance. You can still ask for a quote from a mobile paintless dent repairer instead of a panel beater, as this will ensure that you aren’t stuck without a car for a week.

Is your car hail damaged?

Seeing your car with hail damage is not the best feeling. Depending on the severity of the damage you might even have to replace entire panels to get your car restored to the condition it was originally in. In some cases, this will cause your car to be written off by your insurance company.

You can always send us hail damage photos of your car if you are unsure of whether your vehicle can be repaired. We will be able to tell you if it is worth fixing your car through a mobile paintless dent repairer, such as ourselves, or if you will need to repair your car by other means.

Ensuring you have the right cover for your car

Making sure your car is covered will protect you from paying for dents in the future. Ensuring you have the right cover is what you need to be aware of! Check if your policy includes hail damage or storm damage in case your vehicle is accidentally hit by a tree branch or caught in a hailstorm.

Whether you are covered or not, a mobile paintless dent repairer, such as ourselves, can provide you with a quote for your dent repair and ensure that your vehicle is fixed with quality results.

If you require paintless dent repairs or an insurance repair contact us today for a quote on 0448 844 328.