Mobile paintless dent repairs provide car owners with an option to repair the minor dents in their car without the need to go to a panel beater. It covers repairs for carpark, trolley and hail dents whether they are located on the roof or door of your car. There are many benefits to using a paintless dent repairer, some of which are outlined below.

Fast quotes, fast service!

One benefit of mobile paintless dent repairs that many car owners find convenient is how fast our quotes and service is. When you send your pictures through of your car dents we can determine how much it will take to repair and will get back to you fast with your quote, usually the same day.

Once you book your car in we make quick work of the repairs so that you can get back on the road sooner. This is great for many customers who are busy and don’t have time to be without a car for a week. That is why mobile paintless dent repairs are preferred over panel beaters for small dents.

Convenient and mobile

Our paintless dent repair technicians are mobile and our services are very convenient for a lot of people. Whether you need your partner’s car repaired before they get home or you only have time to get your vehicle fixed in your lunch break, we work in with you so you don’t have to worry!

Being mobile allows us to visit you at your home, place of work or even on the side of the road. This means you don’t have to make alternate arrangements to get to work or worry about being without your car for the day.

Maintains the integrity of the vehicle

Our mobile dent repairs help to maintain your vehicle’s integrity through working the dent out of the panel with specialised tools. This doesn’t require any fillers or paint, which enables you to keep the original finish on your car. This gives many car owners piece of mind because it is not only a cheaper option; it requires less work to be done on their vehicle.

Panel beaters will use additional paint and fillers to remove dents, which can leave your car looking a bit patched up. Paintless dent repairs ensure a flawless result while keeping your car’s original paintwork and finish intact.

Servicing families and businesses

As mobile paintless dent repairers we service a range of clients including families and businesses. Sometimes kids accidentally dent car’s and they need to be repaired at home or fleet vehicles need a bit of TLC at the workplace. No matter who has a dent, we repair them all!

Along with family and business vehicles we also perform dent repairs on trucks and motorbikes. If you have stock vehicles waiting to be sold, we can also repair them if they get accidentally damaged before being driven off the lot. Thanks to paintless dent repairs many car owners and businesses can remove dents fast!

Contact us today if you are looking to repair the dents on your car, fleet or stock vehicles on 0448 844 328.