The Holidays are usually a wonderful time of the year. You get to spend time with friends and family, and it usually involves quite a bit of shopping. Unfortunately, this puts your car at major risk of being dented! Whether it’s a stray shopping cart, overcrowded parking lots with careless drivers, or lugging around oversized items after a big shopping trip, it can be tough to protect your car from dents.

This guide will give you some tips on how to protect your car from dents these holidays and where to get the best Brisbane paintless dent removal services if you already have a ding on your vehicle.

Park Away from Other Vehicles
One of the most effective strategies to keep your vehicle safe from careless drivers and runaway shopping carts is to park it far away from other vehicles. If you’re going on a shopping trip and see that the lot is quite crowded, do your car a favor and park at the end of the lot where no one else has thought to go.

Sure, you might have to walk a little bit further to get to where you’re going, but this is the most guaranteed way to keep your car from getting any more dings or dents. Think about it – almost everyone is constantly scouring the parking lot to get the closest spot near the door. This means that you have a good chance of finding an open spot quicker if you go to the back where no one wants to park anyway.

Those extra two minutes of walking can make the difference between keeping your paint job spotless, to coming back to a vehicle covered with door dings and damage.

This may not always be possible, though, so if you do get stuck parking in the only tight space available and end up with a dent, don’t worry. You can invest in Brisbane paintless dent removal services like PDR 2U who can make your car look brand new!

Avoid Being in Range of Car Doors
If you have no choice but to park beside another vehicle, or in between two, try to avoid being in the range of their doors as much as possible.

Minimise the risk of your car being dented by looking for the least threatening spaces that have the most room for car doors to swing open. The type of vehicle that you parked next to can also make a big difference.

For instance, if you have the option of parking next to a motorcycle or a large truck, always choose the motorcycle! The next best option from here is going to be a minivan or any other vehicle that has sliding doors since there is no way that those can swing out and hit your car.

Simply put, parking next to smaller, more compact vehicles is also a better option because the smaller and lighter the door, the less damage a potential impact could cause.

If you already parked next to a large truck whose driver carelessly threw the door open into your vehicle, you will likely need to have the dent repaired. Rather than getting a completely new paint job, you can invest in Brisbane paintless dent removal services that will repair the dent without it.

Use Alternate Transportation
Another option to keep your vehicle safe from dance during the Holidays is to use a different method of transportation. Leaving your car at home is the best technique to avoid physical damage – so if you can keep it safely in your garage when you go grocery shopping, do so!

PDR 2U Is Here to Help
If you are reading this guide to see how you can prevent dents in the future – because your car already has one – PDR 2U is here to help!

Our mobile dent removal service technicians come directly to you, whether you are at work, at home, or somewhere else. We know that it can be tough to protect your car from dents during the holidays and accidents happen, so we’re here to help keep your car looking brand new regardless!