Storm season is rapidly approaching, and unfortunately, that means your car is at risk of being damaged due to hailstorms. Keeping your car protected is a priority, so we put together this list to help you come up with some ways to keep your vehicle safe.

We’ve also included some details about Brisbane paintless dent removal in case your car has already been damaged by hail!

How to Avoid Hail Damage
The only guaranteed way to avoid hail damage is to keep your car under a cover. Parking your vehicle in your garage or in an area that has coverage is still the best option when it comes to protecting your car from the dents and dings that are caused by hail. If neither of these options works for you, another way that you can try to avoid hail damage is to invest in a hail cover that is sold in a wide variety of automotive stores throughout Australia. For instance, you can buy a hail cover at Autobarn or Supercheap Auto.

These covers are designed to protect your car from the impact caused during a hailstorm. Most of them feature a foam layer that covers the top of your vehicle and works to reduce damage by spreading the force of the impact across a wider area. To affix these to your car, most use adjustable buckles that allows the cover to remain in place even in rainy and windy conditions! Since hailstorms can often be unpredictable, it may not always be possible to completely avoid hail damage. If you can’t get your car into a garage or undercover in time, you will likely see significant damage to your vehicle in the form of round dents. The hail may even damage your paint job, and your windshield can crack or shatter. In other words, you should try to protect your car from hail at all costs!

My Car Already Has Hail Damage – Now What?
If your vehicle has already been impacted by a hailstorm, your car is probably already covered in dents and damage and in need of repairs. Rather than taking your car into a panel beater to remove the dents, or investing in new parts or a paint job, why not consider Brisbane paintless dent removal services? The paintless dent removal option is a much quicker – and more cost-effective – option than taking your vehicle in for repairs using traditional methods. The experts that work at PDR 2U will use specialised techniques that allow them to fix your dents without needing additional paint or having to do extensive bodywork. As a result, the repairs can be completed much quicker, and the technicians can come out to you. This makes Brisbane paintless dent removal the best and most convenient option for repairing hail damage to your vehicle!

Timeline for Getting Repairs
Since storm season is practically here and predicting hail is extremely difficult, you may be wondering if it’s better to wait out the season even if your car has already been damaged. It is strongly advised that you repair your vehicle right away when it has any dents or damage from a hailstorm because neglecting these problems puts your vehicle at risk for the damage to get worse. If the damage progresses, there’s a chance that insurance companies would not be willing to provide you with adequate coverage, which may limit your ability to resell your vehicle in the future.

Don’t wait to hire a Brisbane paintless dent removal company to remove the dents from your car!

Contact PDR 2U After a Hailstorm
If your car has sustained hail damage and has dents that need to be repaired, contact PDR 2U right away. We are cheaper than a panel beater, and we bring the Brisbane paintless dent removal services right to you – whether you’re at work, at home, or somewhere else. This means that your car will be looking brand new again in no time!