Does your wrapped work vehicle have dents and door dings that need to be repaired? if so, you may be wondering whether these dents can be removed without damaging the paint or even the wrap on your car. This guide will help you understand why paintless dent repair is the best option for removing dents from your professionally wrapped vehicle!

Dent Removal and Wrapped Cars
If your wrapped car requires dent removal services, consider working with a paintless dent repair company like PDR 2U. The process is quick and effective and does not require the paint job to be redone, extensive sanding, or any other invasive practices.
To remove door dings and other damage, your paintless dent removal technician will use specialised tools that carefully massage the exterior back into place. Although the timeline will vary based on the severity of the dent, most services can be completed within the same day – and the results are fantastic!

Whether your car has creases, dents, or hail damage, paintless dent removal can get your car back to tip-top shape. It is a cost-effective solution that is much more convenient and cost-effective than dropping your car off at a panel beater or local body repair shop.
You do not have to worry about the wrap on your car being damaged, PDR 2U offers a professional service with highly qualified technicians to repair the dent. Since the process is non-invasive, the paint and any protective covering will remain in place! We know you spent a long time choosing and wrapping your car and you probably did you self a favour. As the wrap offers an extra level of protection it won’t always protect it from being dented but it will certainly give an extra layer of protection for the paint.

Great Option for Commercial Vehicles
If you own a fleet of commercial vehicles, you are likely very familiar with vehicle signage. This includes the logos and images that are placed on your cars so that customers can identify your company. So, what happens when one of these or worse…all of these vehicles get dented and need to undergo dent repairs? Will the dent removal damage the car wrap or signage?

Since paintless dent removal does not require sanding or adding fillers or paint to your vehicle, we can repair the damage while leaving the signage or vehicle wrap intact, it’s plastic coating allows it to bend and stretch anyway.  This means that you will unlikely have to go out and spend additional funds to re-wrap your car because you had a dent!

Do Car Wraps Prevent Dents?
Car wraps are designed to protect the paint on your vehicle from minor damage and dents. However, the wrapping will not prevent dents from occurring – it just keeps the paint intact so that you do not have to replace it. Similarly, wrapping your car can actually make dent removal easier because it ensures that the paint will not be damaged when the repairs are being done.

In other words, car wraps cannot help you avoid denting entirely, but rather work well with the paintless dent removal process to make it look like the damage never happened! PDR-RU can also not repair any tears, rips or movement of your car wrap in the repair process, but we can certainly point you in the right direction after the car bodywork has been fixed.

PDR 2 U Can Fix Dents on your Wrapped Car
PDR 2 U is Brisbane and the Gold Coast’s most trusted paintless dent removal firm. We service vehicles for everyday drivers, as well as fleet vehicles, meaning we can fix almost any type of dent on your wrapped car!
Customer service is our top priority, and we want to make the process as seamless and convenient for you. We operate seven days a week and will come to you whether you are at home, work, or somewhere else – and we will have your wrapped car looking brand new in no time!

We specialise in dent removal from wrapped cars, so contact us today to see how we can help.