Keep reading to learn more about PDR2U’s dent removal methods, as well as the types of specialised tools we use in our paintless dent repairs.

Behind the Panel
The first method that a mobile dent repair company will attempt involves working behind the panel of your vehicle. Our expert technicians will utilise special tools that allow them to massage the dented metal back into place, so you don’t have to worry about paint damage.

When dents are repairable with this method, there is no need to use fillers or repaint your vehicle. The repairs look so seamless that you would never even know that a dent was there. Plus, our dent repair methods are fast with many dent repairs taking under an hour to complete.

Some tools used for repairing dents include metal rods, hammers, knockdowns, and reflector boards.

Metal Rods
At PDR2U, we have an arsenal of uniquely shaped metal rods used to fix dents. They vary in size and shape, allowing us to use the right shape for the dent repairs. The metal rods help us to carefully press the metal back into shape as we re-sculpt the dent point by point.

The metal rods have a soft tip option, making them the perfect solution for reaching front or bonnet panels.

Hammers and Knockdowns
If the dent on your vehicle has a high spot – also known as a crown – around it, you will need a hammer and knockdown to repair it. These tools help to bring down the high point of the damage and then we can carefully press the dent back into place!

Reflector Boards
A reflector board is a unique tool that allows us to see whether a dented panel is set low or high. Some reflectors may use LED lights while others are set up as fog boards. The goal with the Reflector Board is to get a clear reading of the damage before you start shaping the dent back into place.

Glue Pulling Techniques
When the dents are in a location that does not allow a technician to access them, PDR2U will use the glue pulling technique instead. This practice involves reshaping the dent from the outside of the vehicle since conventional tools will not be able to get to the back of the panel.

The tools used by PDR2U when glue pulling is needed are a specialty glue gun, PDR tabs, a dent lifter, and a glue-removing agent.

Glue Gun and PDR Tabs
This high-temperature glue gun utilises special PDR glue to firmly grasp the surface area of the dent. There are various types of glue guns, including corded or battery-powered options.

The glue that adheres to PDR tabs is designed to protect the paint, so you don’t have to worry about any damage to the surface of your car. Glue tabs come in various shapes, sizes, and colours too!

Dent Lifter
Once the glue is applied, we can then use a dent lifter to start lifting the PDR tabs. By gently pulling the dent back into shape, the experts at PDR2U can repair your vehicle pretty quickly.
Glue Removing Agent

After we repair the damage, we will use a removal agent to gently release the glue from the car.

PDR2U Can Remove Your Car Dents!
PDR2U has all the tools and expertise needed for behind the panel and glue pulling repairs. We are the most trusted mobile dent removal company on the Gold Coast, and our goal is to provide you with the best, most convenient service.

Whether you need us to come to your home or work, we’ll send one of our expert technicians out to repair your dented vehicle quickly and effectively.

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