When you use PDR2U Brisbane for your mobile paintless dent removal, you are choosing to repair your dents in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. If you are wondering how dent repairs damage the environment, the facts may surprise you.

Panel beating and repainting are referred to as the ‘traditional repair method’ for car dent repairs. Using a series of hammers and dollies, the dent is beaten out of the panel before the area is sanded back ready for the application of body filler. Colour-matched car paint is then used to complete the repair process. As simple as this sounds, this traditional process has many associated risks.
Car fillers and paints can be incredibly toxic and harmful to both the human body and the environment. Volatile compounds present in solvents, paints, dust, and silica create a great risk to the employee sanding back and applying the paint, as breathing in these carcinogenic fumes and dust can create lifelong illnesses.
Car paints have been recognised as a source of occupational toxicity and studies have shown they not only damage DNA, but they can also irritate airways, nasal passages, cause lung disease, hearing loss, and cancer.

These solvent-based paints use petrochemical products to thin the paint for flawless application, but these chemicals release lots of volatile organic compound (VOC) into the air, which if not done in a secure controlled environment can contribute to environmental damage including ozone pollution.
The automotive repair industry is, unfortunately, an active contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, with CO2 emissions steadily increasing over the decades due to population increase, improved infrastructure, and economic access, resulting in more cars on our roads. Additionally, the contaminants used to repair your dent with paint and filler, when handled by humans always have the risk of being spilled, leaking from insecure containers, or not being disposed of correctly creating damaging risk to waterways, air, and humans.
When you use a paintless dents repairer like PDR2U Brisbane you are choosing a more cost-effective, safer way to repair your car that protects both the environment and human health. However, the benefits do not end there.

Using a paintless dent repairer like PDR2U Gold Coast, we won’t alter or apply any paint in the paintless dent repair process and your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) paint finish is upheld. This means when it comes time to sell your car you can be assured your dent repair has not in any way altered or devalued your vehicle, a real bonus for classic car owners!
For small dents, your car insurance excess may cost more than the dent repair itself. This means you are at risk of having your premiums increased and your car out of action. Paintless dent removal, at a location that suits you, means your dent can be removed without making a “dent” on your premiums!

Finally, when you choose to have your car repaired with PDR2U Brisbane using our paintless dent removal technique, you are not just a number in a chain repair body shop. You are a valued customer supporting a local business. We will ensure your dent removal repair is fast and pain-free. All you need to do is take a picture of the dent and send it to us or fill out the form on our website and we will get straight back to you with a quote, a day, and a time that suits YOU! Plus, we are so confident in our service we place a 100% lifetime guarantee on all our work.

Why not give the crew at PDR2U Brisbane a call today!