Brisbane has been known to front some intense storm systems over the years. Although it’s a subtropical paradise most of the time, wind, rain, and hail come part and parcel of the summer months in this part of the world. While this is not a big deal most of the time, however, hailstorms can cause havoc on cars which then need to be repaired. Read on to discover how we can undertake Tesla hail repairs.

Hail occurs when water droplets freeze in the upper regions of storm clouds, but the damage they cause can vary depending on the size of the hailstones. Generally, hailstones range from 5mm to 20mm in size, but they can be much larger, and this typically increases the extent of damage to your vehicle.

There are ways to protect or minimise the damage hail can cause:
• Avoid driving unless necessary if severe weather is forecast.
• In a hailstorm, pull over. The speed of your car against the hailstones when driving will increase the risk of damage when not stationary.
• Ensure your insurance is up to date to avoid hefty repair bills.
• If you can, keep your car parked undercover.

If a hailstorm does strike, and your car has no protection under a carport or garage, you may discover hailstone dents have damaged your vehicle. These events’ unpredictability and uncontrollable nature make it even more disheartening should you need to cover the cost of repairs or go without your car whilst repairs are underway. You will also require comprehensive cover on your insurance to have the damage repaired. However, opting to use your insurance company’s hail damage repairer may see you waiting weeks, if not months, to get your car in and even then, it may take some time for them to complete the works, leaving you without your vehicle.

PDR 2U is an independently owned and operated paintless dent removal service operating throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, and surrounding areas. We are also mobile and will come to wherever you are. If you’re at work, or you work from home, we will complete the repairs from your driveway at a fraction of the cost and time of taking your car to a panel beater.

We will repair your hail damage using our paintless dent removal technique without using conventional panel beating methods of either shrinking/stretching through heat application, hammering out dents, filling, and then repainting. Less invasive repairs are critical to many classic or high-end car owners, particularly Tesla owners. Tesla hail repairs are particularly important to get right as the renowned aluminium frame common to Tesla cars requires specialised care that protects the metal and avoids paint removal, compromising car value and OEM paint finish. There is no need to fret if hail damage has dented your Tesla; PDR2U has all the specialised equipment to carefully remove signs of hail damage and restore your prized vehicle to its original state. Our paintless dent removal Brisbane is less invasive and maintains your car’s factory paint finish, while our no fuss guarantee ensures repairs completed on your vehicle remain guaranteed for life!

So, if you need repairs in Redlands or Brisbane, PDR 2U is available 7 am – 7 pm, seven days a week for your Tesla hail repairs or any other dent for that matter! We are happy to offer an obligation-free quote on services to make your decision easier. Just send us a picture of the dent, and we will promptly respond with an estimate. We work with all automotive industry and private repairs sectors, and there is no job too small.

Don’t let hail damage put a dent in your day. Give us a call; we are ready to help!