Aussies. We love to give it a crack. Land of the ‘give it a go’ if ever there was one. If something needs fixing, how often have you found a YouTube informational video (how to remove a door dent!) and hyped yourself up enough to get it done on the weekend? Or that handy mate, we all have them, the one who reckons that dent in your car is an easy fix. No dramas! Payment is a six-pack over a game of footy or dinner on you. Job done. Or is it?

Indeed, there are many handy DIY things you can do yourself, like unblocking a drain, building those shelving units you have promised yourself, or helping a mate paint their house. But some things should be classified as DDIY (don’t do it yourself), with paintless door dent removal, at the top of the list.

We know how annoying it is to get a dent in your car, especially when it wasn’t your fault. Unfortunately, trolleys in supermarket car parks operated by careless customers can cause more damage than you’d realise, until the damage is on your car. And what about that pesky car park pillar, the one that moved into your path as you were reversing? They do that, we know.
We’ve seen some crazy DIY dent removal fixes in our time. And we can tell you with 100% certainty that the time you take to thoroughly research the best panel beating techniques and buy all the tools needed to do the job, your car could have been fixed by us and back to looking as it was before the little dint in a fraction of the time.

Panel beating does what it says on the tin. It is essentially the process of beating a dent out of a car using various bodywork tools before filling and repainting the area. Unfortunately, attempting this kind of repair yourself, without the training and skills required in the trade, you will likely end up with a finish that looks worse than you began. For example, you may have beaten a significant dent out but have replaced this with multiple minor bumps and dents you cannot fix. Worse, you may even compromise the original paint job meaning a guaranteed need for body shop work and, as a result, lost value in your car.

PDR2U Gold Coast are specialists in paintless dent removal and hail damage. We have specialised training and specific tools to repair your car dent without touching your original paint colour. When you choose to use a professional in paintless dent removal, you choose to have your vehicle repaired by experts who will leave your car looking as if the accident had never happened. In addition, you choose peace of mind, knowing your dent is in the best hands. You aren’t purchasing needless tools online and spending hours watching tutorial videos on “how to remove a door dent”. Best of all, you’re keeping your weekend free for other leisure activities!

Paintless dent removal Brisbane is a mobile service, so we can come to you wherever you are and repair your dint while you wait. Let us show you why this is a job best left to the professionals. You can be confident we will remove your dents and dings, without touching your paint finish, with a result so perfect your car will look as good as new. We place a lifetime guarantee on all our work and save you both time and money fixing the repair yourself.

So, DDIY (don’t do it yourself), and give your mate Davo the weekend off; if you want to relax and leave your dent or ding to the paintless dent removal experts, call us today and see how we can help!