If you own a fleet of cars, vans, or trucks and have employees who routinely use these vehicles for work, you know there is always a level of risk involved in the mobility of your fleet. Read on for information on how PDR2U can save you money on fleet vehicle dent repairs.

From time to time, employees may have minor accidents that result in bumps and dents to their vehicles. Also, with vans or cars that store expensive items like tools, or valuable technology left in a visible spot, thieves can cause damage when attempting to break into the vehicle.
Similarly, rental car companies routinely get cars back after hiring with minor dents, mostly from customers’ poor judgment reversing or manoeuvring in a different vehicle or parking in tight, compact parking spaces where lots of dents occur.

There may also be times your fleet is caught in heavy hail, causing damage to many of your vehicles, possibly due to storing your entire fleet in a large parking lot without cover. Then there are the occasions some of your fleet is caught in hail storms while operational or at your employee’s home without a garage. PDR2U can help no matter what the damage is with fleet vehicle dent repairs.
The damage to your company vehicles in these instances is unavoidable and quite common. However, it can be frustrating to continually have vehicles in the panel shop and out of action, ultimately costing you money on top of repairs, mainly if it is a trade or business car that is needed for an employee to work. A loss of income for the day a fleet vehicle is in the shop is a cost you will have to absorb, and with larger fleets, this can become problematic, particularly if hail damage has occurred in a number of your cohort.

How can PDR2U help with fleet vehicle dent repairs? We are specialists in paintless dent removal and hail repairs. We work with the vehicle’s existing paint and bodywork and remove dents without touching or altering any paintwork on your vehicle. The beauty of paintless dent removal is the reduced cost of repairs and the reduced time required for repairs, meaning your company vehicle(s) can get back on the road and back to work as quickly as possible.

You can stop worrying about how you will find the time to send a fleet vehicle to the panel beaters or calculating how much of a loss you’ll be making while your company’s car, van or motorcycle is off the road. Brisbane paintless dent removal experts are an exclusively mobile service, so we can come to wherever the vehicle is for timely fleet vehicle dent repairs. Be it at an employee’s private residence, at your business address, or wherever you need us to make the process as cost-effective as possible; our main objective is to remove your dent or hail damage and get you back on the road in no time.

We estimate most dents can be repaired within a few hours, but we might need a little longer in some cases of hail damage. All you need to do is send us a picture of your vehicle, and we determine how long we will need, giving you the knowledge and confidence to plan your workday and employees around this during our paintless dent removal repairs.

If any of your company’s vehicles have acquired damage and you’re looking for a cost-effective and time-efficient solution, call PDR2U today for an estimate on your fleet vehicle dent repairs and to arrange for our mobile service. Then, let us get your fleet back on the road, dent-free!