We’ve all been there – you’re just pushing your trolley back to your car only to notice a brand-new dent in the door of your brand-new car. It’s an annoying scenario, to say the least. But fear not: car touch-up services are easy for PDR2U.

The good news about door dents and problems like hail damage is that they are easy to repair. Car touch-ups can often be done in your own backyard without making a mess. Whilst you don’t need to head out to a panel shop, consider getting professional help before you start searching for a YouTube tutorial.

There are a few secrets to making your car look like the hailstorm or dent had never happened. One of those is using professional tools for paintless dent removal. Our technicians use them to gently massage the damaged metal back into its original shape. This technique works well as long as it’s possible to access the panel from behind. If that is proving tricky, we can use a glue pulling system to fix your car from the front of the panel.

Either way, the result is the same – your car will look as if nothing ever happened. Our car touch-up services won’t affect your paintwork either which is great news for custom colour vehicles. Specialist paintless dent removal techniques are gentle and don’t affect the factory paint finish. For most minor dings and door dents, they are simply an easier alternative to panel beating.

Secret number two is specialist training. Granted, paintless dent removal is not rocket science but just like you are an expert at what you do, so are our magicians – pardon, technicians!

How do you know if we can work our magic on your car? If it’s one or just a few dents, simply send us a few pictures of the dent itself. Our experienced paintless dent removal technicians will take a look and give you an estimate of what’s involved. Typically, we can touch up your vehicle in under an hour which is a fraction of the time it would take to bring your car to a panel shop.

If your pride and joy has encountered hail damage, we recommend having a technician come out to look at it and assess the damage first before confirming what we can do.

What’s more, our services are fully mobile. Around the Brisbane and Gold Coast area, our paintless dent removal technicians will come to you, leaving you to get on with your life. All you need to do is agree on a location and a time that’s convenient for you.

We’re out and about seven days a week, from 7 am to 7 pm so you won’t have to leave your home or your office for our car touch up services. We don’t stop there, either! If you feel like your truck or motorbike has seen better days, our team can also take a look at them for you too.

Are there any limits to what we can fix? Afraid so. If your paint is cracked or damaged, it’s time to take your car to a panel shop. Before we start any job, we’ll assess your vehicle thoroughly and if we think we can’t touch up your dents perfectly, we won’t attempt to repair them. For additional peace of mind, all of our repairs come with a lifetime guarantee.

So, if you don’t like what you see when you’re looking at your car, give us a call. A PDR2U car touch-up services are easy, convenient and above all affordable!

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