Your car has been sitting in the parking lot all day long and it hasn’t moved an inch. When you come out to go home for the day you notice the damage: a small dent, or series of small car dents in the body. How did these dents come to be and can anything be done about it?

Here are a few common answers to these questions, including how to fix hail damage on your car.

Door Dings
Door dings are some of the most common types of tiny dents in your car and they can happen so easily. Someone parks too close and taps your door when they open their own. Or maybe their grocery cart careens towards your vehicle ensuing in a small accident. Often what’s left is a dent shaped like a crescent moon, with a mild groove. As long as your paint is still untouched, this type of damage can easily be repaired with paintless dent repair. Using a careful hand, focused attention, and the right tools, your car can be returned to its original glory in no time.

Door dings are a type of tiny collision, but sometimes a larger event can also cause small dents. Someone who backs into your car in a parking lot-only slightly- can easily leave a dent in your fender, or on the door or body of your vehicle. Thankfully, this is often fixable. Even when the other person’s paint wears off on yours, it can often be rubbed off. As long as your own paint isn’t cracked, Gold Coast paintless dent removal can repair small dents caused by most minor collisions.

Hail is certainly nature’s nuisance! Hail likely has some function in our ecosystem that’s unseen to the naked eye but most of us notice it for its ability to land on the body of your car leaving unsightly damage. The weather is growing increasingly extreme with global warming and part of this brings large, unpredictable storms. One recent hailstorm in Coffs Harbour resulted in around 2,000 insurance claims, two-thirds of which were for vehicle damage.

If you have a garage in which you can park your car to keep it protected, this is the best way to go. But not everyone has this access. Using a hail-resistant car cover is also a great idea, or simply covering your car in blankets to keep it away from the hailstorm. Sometimes, however, a hailstorm hits when you’re at work, or out running errands. If your vehicle does sustain damage from hail, contact us. We’re a leading provider of mobile small car dent repairs in Brisbane, and this includes fixing hail damage.

We offer convenient door-to-door service so you can leave all the work to us. With PDR2U, our small car dent service comes to your location. We operate 7 days a week, from 7 AM to 7PM providing mobile dent removal throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our knowledgeable professionals remove hail damage without conventional panel beating. We use measured heat along swith specific tools coupled with our experience, to be able to guarantee we’ll have your car back to its original state in no time.

Hopefully this year’s hail season won’t rival the damage incurred in January 2020 when over $300 million in hail damage was reported in parts of Australia.

If your car does suffer from hail damage, however, it can be a good idea to fix it ASAP. Not only will this allow you to enjoy driving a car in good condition but it can also help maintain the resale value of your car for the future.

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