So, someone ran into your car in the parking lot. Bad news! Your vehicle now has a significant, unsightly dent in its front side door that’s begging to be repaired.

You’ve done some research and you know that there are two basic options out there on the dent repair market. One is the traditional method. This involves taking your car to an auto body repair shop where they’ll pound the car’s body back into its original shape, and add filler to any remaining gaps, painting over everything when it’s done. This is called panel beating.

The other type of repair, which we specialise in at PDR2U, has been around for just a few decades. It’s more modern in its approach and doesn’t involve using any paint. As such, it’s usually a lot faster, not to mention cheaper!

Which service is best for you and what’s involved? Here’s a look.

What is traditional panel beating?
When a car is repaired using traditional panel beating, first it’s sanded down. Next, the damaged area is pounded with tools to bring the car back to its original shape. After this step, technicians use something called body filler to smooth over any remaining inconsistencies in the car’s body. Once the area dries, this is followed by more sanding, and finally primer is applied to the repaired area. Because the car has been handled and manipulated so much, as a final step it now requires a new paint job over the affected area. Paint is applied and your car is left to dry with the hopes that everything looks as new as possible.

This method of car dent repair used to be the only way to go! Now, it’s possible to take a new approach known as paintless dent repair, or PDR.

When is Panel Beating Necessary?
Before we get into the details of PDR, let’s look more closely at panel beating as a service. It’s true that, at times, panel beating is necessary to repair a car. If the damage to your car is quite severe, it could be that PDR won’t be able to fix it.

Panel beating repair can be required when:

  • The metal or paint is scratched
  • There are sharp dents on the car’s braced hood
  • Sharp dents are now on quarter panel opening lips
  • There are pronounced dents at the edges of panels

If you don’t have this type of damage on your vehicle, however, it could be the perfect candidate for convenient mobile dent removal.

What Are the Advantages to Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?
Paintless dent repair is a totally different treatment for your car than is panel beating. PDR involves fixing your damaged car by applying specific tools to the damaged area(s) and massaging the car’s body back to its original shape through skilled craftsmanship. At PDR2U, we recognise your need for exceptional service, and we provide you with the best in mobile car dent removal service on the Gold Coast.

PDR such as our mobile dent removal Redlands brings you the following advantages:

  • It’s cheaper than panel beating
  • PDR is faster than panel beating: you get your car back in just a few days
  • PDR is more environmentally conscious than traditional methods
  • Paintless dent repair can more accurately maintain your car’s appearance
  • It can fix dents in a wrapped car without damaging the exterior wrap

Because PDR doesn’t involve damaging your car’s body further, thus requiring a new paint job, it’s a faster service than panel beating. Panel beating can take many days or even weeks to complete. In contrast, paintless dent repairs will have your car repaired in just a few hours and in some cases…less! Because it involves fewer steps and materials, PDR is also less costly than traditional methods of car repair. It can also better return your car to its original appearance.

For the best in mobile dent removal in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, contact PDR2U today! We have the ultimate in mobile car dent repairs in Redlands and the reputation to prove it.

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