It’s the wet season once again in Queensland. Unfortunately, with this can come not only a lot of rain but also some damaging hail storms that wreak havoc. When hail hits your car it really is no joke! Hail can cause barraging damage to your vehicle as it pummels its surface, scratching the paint, breaking windows, and denting your car’s exterior. If it is large enough, hail can certainly cause significant damage to the body of your vehicle.

Should you get your insurance to cover a hail damage repair? Maybe, but maybe not. Here are some things to consider about Brisbane hail dent repairs before picking up the phone and making that call.

Why PRD2U Can be Cheaper Than Going Through Your Insurance for Hail Repair
As is widely known, insurance responsibilities and plans can vary vastly from one region, and from one person, to another. It’s always important to know what your vehicle’s policy covers by looking at the fine details. If your car becomes damaged by hail, log onto your insurance provider’s website and review the type of coverage you have.

In some cases when quite extensive and costly hail damage to your car has occurred, it can make sense to put through an insurance claim for it. However, in other cases, it could be that paying out of pocket makes more sense. Many insurance providers will cover your first vehicle hail damage claim without raising your premiums. However, when it comes to second, third, or fourth hail damage claims, this can often result in increasing your insurance premium in the long run.

Insurance companies are wary of too many similar claims being made. In some extreme cases, they may cease to provide hail damage coverage altogether if too many claims are made by you in this one area.

So, paying out of pocket to repair your vehicle’s hail damage may prove to be the best route in the long run. It can save you money in premiums over time while getting the job done.

How We Repair Hail Damage to Your Car
At PDR2U we offer all-inclusive hail damage dent repairs by travelling right to your door. Our Brisbane hail dent repairs uses the latest in heat technology to bring your car’s body back to its original glory. We avoid the use of panel beating and have your car back to you in just a few short days. It’s that simple!

The paintless dent removal process involves applying specialized tools and technology to the underside of your vehicle’s body. By applying focused heat and gently massaging the material with a high attention to detail, your vehicle’s exterior is repaired while avoiding any damage to your paint. It takes time, experience, and skill to do this right! While you could try to accomplish the same results in your own driveway with a hairdryer, we don’t recommend it. You could cause more damage in the process.

At PDR2U our team of professionals have worked on countless cars, successfully erasing all evidence of hail damage. We know exactly how to approach your project and can provide you with the best in mobile dent repairs on the Gold Coast. We guarantee it!

What Services We Offer
For hail dent removal, Redlands, we have you covered!  Our service includes:

  • A lifetime guarantee on all paintless dent repairs (PDR repairs)
  • 7am to 7pm servicing, each day of the week
  • Highly trusted work with a solid reputation
  • Competitive quotes

Contact PDR2U today for a free quote. Mobile hail dent removal on the Gold Coast is our specialty. We can have your car looking its best again in very little time!