Hail season is nothing to laugh at. While a light bit of hail falling for a moment may provide a dusting of white on your walkway, larger pieces of hail can inflict true and lasting damage. Mobile hail dent repairers like PDR2U can fix many cases of hail damage with paintless dent removal. Protecting your car can keep you one step ahead, however.

Last year, Australia saw some of the biggest hailstones ever to hit the country. Some hail was so large it actually shattered windows in Queensland.  Hail of up to 16 cm (6.3 inches) ends up traveling at a steady speed of well over 100 km/hour according to the Australia Bureau of Meteorology, which can be forceful and scary stuff!

Here are our top tips on protecting your car before a storm hits to limit any potential hail damage.

Cover and Protect Your Car
If you keep your car in your driveway or in some other open-air spot, it’s wise to invest in a car cover. Look for a cover that doesn’t simply protect your vehicle from dust but that has a thick protective layer of fabric. During the hail season, (October to February), develop the habit of tossing on the cover each time hail, or iffy weather, is in the forecast. Going on vacation? Be sure to cover your car before you leave.

For protection against larger hail, get yourself an inflatable hail protector. These might look a bit funny but they do the work of preventing hail from blasting into the body of your car. A hail protector is a cover you place around your car that’s inflated by electric blowers. It can often be inflated by a remote control device, and some come with an accompanying hail warning app that you can install on your phone. As Brisbanes #1 car hail repair company, PDR2U can always help you face repairs if you don’t inflate your cover in time, but a hail protector can be an invaluable resource.

Store Your Car in Closed Parking
Truly, the best form of protection you can offer your car is to park it in a covered garage. Statistics gathered by RMIT University and Centre for Urban Research show that about 40% of people in Australia actually use their garage for storing other things, instead, but this can be the best and most reliable approach.

If you have access to a garage but it’s too full, consider investing in a shed out back for your other personal belongings, (things like bicycles and lawnmowers), and keeping the garage free for your car.  Of course, you aren’t always sitting parked at home, and you may be out at work or shopping when a hail storm hits. By watching the weather and staying abreast of hail forecasting, you can potentially adjust your schedule to keep your car at home and protected during times when hail is in the forecast.

In a Pinch, Get Creative
If you don’t own a car cover or have access to closed parking, you might consider getting creative. Listen to the weather forecast and toss protective blankets on your car following a hail announcement (some people even use old mattresses!). Anything that can cushion the blow of damage can potentially help.

At PDR2U we offer our clients the best in mobile car hail repair, Brisbane. Using the latest paintless dent removal techniques, we come to you as an independently owned and operated mobile company. We service your car wherever you are. Our hands-on work is reliable and renowned throughout the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Redlands area.

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