At PDR2U, we specialise in offering high quality paintless dent removal services that get your car back to looking its best. Dent removal services may be something you think of as being for car owners, only.  However, they can also be invaluable for those who lease vehicles, too. From reducing your worries, to avoiding expensive trips to a body shop, and getting your car fixed on time, PDR dent repairs Gold Coast can be your leased vehicle’s saviour. Here’s how.

Protect Your Car From Long Term Damage
Most vehicle leases in Australia range from 1 to 5 years in length. It doesn’t matter how long your lease is, though, when it comes to vehicle dents. Some mishaps happen the day after you secure your lease!

Hopefully this won’t happen to you. If someone dings your car in the grocery store parking lot early on in your lease, however, getting it fixed promptly can be a good idea. At PDR dent repairs Brisbane, we come directly to you. We can repair your leased car right in your driveway.

Many car leasing dealerships won’t charge you for dents that are smaller than the size of a twenty-cent piece. But a small dent that goes unfixed over a long period of time can result in rust and deteriorating paint. With our leased vehicle dent repair service, by fixing the small imperfections on your leased car in a timely way, you help avoid larger costs and penalty fees down the road.

Avoid End of Lease Extra Fees and Charges
When returning your car at the end of its lease, it’s always a good idea to bring it back in the best condition possible. That’s where you really save money! By paying to fix any dents yourself, you can potentially avoid inflated fees the dealership may seek to charge.

At PDR2U, we offer fantastic PDR dent removal Gold Coast services. We take pride in providing our clients with the best service possible at a fair market price. Research shows that rental car groups in Australia routinely inflate repair charges and pass this on to their customers. Some customers are even charged for damage they didn’t commit. While a leased car is a different matter, you don’t want to risk being charged over-the-odds fees for something you didn’t do, or that can be fixed at a much-reduced price.

Skip the Long Wait Times at Traditional Body Shops
It would be nice if you could, but unfortunately, you can’t plan when accidents will happen. If a dent occurs in your vehicle close to the end of your lease date, arranging to have it fixed at an auto body shop in time could pose trouble. Fixing a dent at a traditional body shop can take weeks. The dented area is filled in with putty that needs to dry, be sanded, and then primed and painted to match the rest of your car.

At PDR2U, our leased vehicle dent repair service uses heat and applied pressure to carefully mold the body of your car back to its original shape. We do this quickly and efficiently; no putty or painting is required. The end result provides you with an excellent quality repair that will last for years to come. Your dent can be repaired in a matter of days, and sometimes in just one afternoon. We can even fix hail damage in much less time than a traditional body shop.

Do you have a vehicle that needs fixing? Contact PDR2U for PDR dent removal Redlands. We offer top-quality service in the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions. Get in touch today for a free quote.