You’ve heard about it and it sounds like an extensive approach. Glue pulling dent repairs can certainly be a thorough solution when it comes to paintless dent repair (PDR) for your vehicle. But what does the process involve and is it more expensive than a regular repair?

Similar to the normal PDR process, glue pulling dent repairs can repair your dented car or truck without the need for costly fillers and tedious repainting. It can often be completed in just one day and potentially save you money in the long run. It’s the perfect solution: you maintain the value of your vehicle with a lower-cost solution.

When is the glue pulling process used?
PDR glue pulling is used to repair dents in awkward locations on cars and trucks.  A dent in the middle of your door can usually be targeted with traditional dent repair tools. A dent at the edges of a panel can be trickier to tackle, however. Dents that aren’t easily accessible using the usual dent removal tools may be found:

  • Along roof rails
  • At the edges of vehicle panels
  • In any location where you can’t access the damage from behind

In these particular locations, the usual tools won’t work but a vehicle’s panel can often be pulled rather than pushed back to its original position.

What are the steps involved in PDR glue pulling?
PDR glue pulling involves a few key steps for successfully repairing a dent. To do glue pulling:

  • Clean the surface of the panel
  • Use a glue gun to melt the glue
  • Apply a bead of glue to a glue tab
  • Apply the tab to the centre of the dent
  • Let the glue set
  • Snap the dent out
  • Apply a blending hammer
  • Lift the glue off by hand
  • Spray the area with cleaning solution
  • Polish

You could try this on your own but a professional can guarantee your dent repair work will be done right!

A few key things to note: it’s important to remove all the dirt and debris from the panel before applying glue to any area of a vehicle. This is because the glue may fail to adhere properly if the surface isn’t clean. It’s also key to work in a space that isn’t too cold, so your glue doesn’t become brittle. After the glue sets, manipulate it with a specifically designed tool, such as a slide hammer or a mini lifter, to snap the dent out. The sharpness of a dent and the irregularities in the panel can make a difference in the quality of the repair.

It’s true that, sometimes, the vehicle panel is pulled too high with a glue pull. If this happens, a blending hammer can then be carefully applied to fashion the body back down to an ideal height. Taking care not to damage the paint with chips and scratches is ultra-important for a professional finish.

Why it can be a bit more expensive than normal PDR
PDR glue pulling is usually priced slightly higher than traditional dent removal repair techniques for a couple of reasons. It takes more time to complete glue pulling and the materials are a bit more expensive.

This being said, glue pulling dent repairs is an attractive process because it can eliminate the time-consuming job of dismantling the panels of your vehicle and then putting everything back where it was found again. Glue pulling can reap great results and return the value of your car, helping you use your vehicle safely for years to come.

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