Selling your car can be exciting and it often means you’re also in the market for a new one. If you’re planning to upgrade or simply invest in a preferred make or model, the chance to look for a new set of wheels can be enticing.

But first things first. When selling a used car, as with any sale, you want to make a great first impression. Presenting your present car in its best possible condition can make a big difference. A few dings, a bit of dirt, or some scratches on the side can definitely alter the final selling price.

People shopping for a used car are often looking for any minor defect they can find. Once they do, they’ll bargain you down. So, how can you get your car looking it’s best and ready to sell? Here’s a look at our top tips.

Clean it
A clean car is an attractive car. Leaving your junk and grime lying around your vehicle means someone else must invest their own time and money to clean it out. Pay attention to the details. All of them. Vacuum out your vehicle and remove any garbage. Wash your car mats, and dust off the dashboard. Clean the windows inside and out and consider investing in a car deodoriser if things still don’t smell fresh. And of course, take your vehicle to the car wash or clean it on the outside yourself, as well.

When cleaning the inside, pay particular attention to spaces under and behind the seats where dust and crumbs can accumulate. If all of this sounds like too much work, take your car to a detailing service to have your cleaning done professionally.

Be Your Own Best Critic
As much as you can, try to think like a buyer. What stands out about your car? Examine it from every angle. Are there chips in the paint? Do you have small dents? Repairing these can really raise your selling price considerably. Whether you’ve received a small dent in the car park, hail damage, or you’ve been in a minor traffic accident, any dents and dings can make your car appear much older and worn out than it really is.

At PDR2U, we bring our mobile paintless dent repairs service right to your front door. Most of our clients find we can finish their repairs in just one day. Our Brisbane car dent repairs comes highly reviewed and will have your car looking like new in no time.

Take care of your tyres
Make sure your tyres are in good shape and inflated to the right pressure.  You also might consider applying a tyre, wheel, and rim cleaner designed specifically for this job.

Get a tune-up
A vehicle that doesn’t run well definitely makes for a difficult sell. Take yours to your local automotive centre and have them change your fluids and give it a service. If something large needs altering on your vehicle, like your brakes, definitely get this done. You can always add the cost of the extra work into your selling price.

Add perks and extras
It can be worth it to invest in small extras that make your car stand out from the competition. This can include things like iPod connectors, a car video player for the back seat, or a car phone charger.

Selling your car doesn’t need to be hard. Get your car looking its best with Gold Coast paintless dent removal from PRD2U. We are a leading provider of Brisbane car dent repairs. Check out our car dent gallery for proof!

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