Many people will admit it: it can be tempting to do your own car repairs. If you have the right knowledge and skills, you could find this route presents an ideal opportunity to save some money. Things like changing your own oil and topping up your fluids come to mind.

Some things, however, are best left to the professionals. This is because specific tools may be required to get the job done and these could be expensive for you to acquire. In addition, it often takes time and training to learn how to get the job done well. There’s a reason people like plumbers go to school for years before practising their trade!

Mobile paintless dent repairs take time to learn. It’s not something you master overnight. Some people do try it, however, so we’re here to warn you about techniques that are best avoided.

Here are three of the strangest ways people try DIY dent repairs that we think are best avoided!

The Almighty Plunger Pull
First, we’ll start off by stating your car isn’t your toilet. Yes, this is obvious, but someone needed to say it! Some people try to pull dents from their car using a toilet plunger. The trouble is, applying a plunger to your vehicle’s body can actually make things worse. The metal can be dented further inwards when you push down.

It’s also the case that plungers can end up overpulling the dent when it pops out. This can loosen your paint and damage the integrity of your car’s body. At PDR2U, we have the best professional tools for high-end paintless dent removal you can trust.

Applying Dry Ice
Dry ice isn’t the only something you’ll see at your next big concert. Some people actually try to use it to repair a dent. As leaders for the areas of Tingalpa, Mt Gravatt, Springwood and Carindale paintless dent removal, we don’t suggest it.

Some people try to heat their car up in the sun, and then place dry ice on their dent. The change in temperature can cause the metal to pop out. The trouble is, a lot can go wrong. With this process, you can end up damaging your paint and your car’s surface. Fixing this damage could end up costing you more than hiring a PDR service in the first place. Dry ice can also hurt your skin, causing frostbite if you don’t wear gloves.

Using Heat
It’s true that PDR services may use a source of heat to help remove the dents on your car. It’s not done with a household hair dryer, however!

Some people try to remove dents by applying a hairdryer to their vehicle and then spraying the dented area with compressed air. The idea is to warm the metal to make it more malleable, and then use the air to pop the dent back out. Unfortunately, common hair dryers don’t produce enough heat to get the job done. In addition, this process, like the others mentioned here, can also damage your paint.

Carindale Paintless Dent Repairs
The best way to repair dents in your vehicle is to contact professionals like our Carindale paintless dent removal service. At PDR2u, we have leading-edge tools and techniques to repair minor dents and dings in order to greatly improve the look of your damaged car.

For the best in affordable car dent repairs, contact us today. Our team is highly skilled and ready to help.

Send us a photo of your damage and we’ll get back to you with a free quote as soon as possible. For fast, affordable repairs, contact the professionals at PDR2U today!