Australia has seen a rise in interest in classic custom cars. Car enthusiasts gather weekly to display the classic cars they have restored and maintained, as more and more people become fascinated with these cars. However, what do you do when your car gets dented? Here, we will talk about a technique to remove your car’s dents, without the inconvenience of the conventional panel shop repair.

What is paintless dent removal?
Considered a newer method of repair, Paintless Car Dent Removal (PDR) is a non-invasive technique that removes dents from your vehicle without the expense or inconvenience of conventional dent repairs. However, despite its rising popularity, paintless dent repairs have been around in the automotive world for many years. Car owners choose paintless dent removal since this method saves them time and maintains the value of their car.

Paintless dent removal is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to remove dents in your car, making it look new in no time.

How does paintless dent removal work?
Paintless dent repair requires a special set of tools to remove car dents. Also, technicians must be highly skilled to use these tools to perform paintless dent removal. If you want your car dent fixed through PDR, you might want to check first if your car technician is qualified to do so.

In paintless dent repair, your technician will use special tools to return your dented vehicle to its original shape and form. Technicians usually use two methods in performing paintless dent repairs. They choose the appropriate method to use so that your car gets the best result.

Massaging the dent
The first method is to gently massage the dent or damaged metal to its original shape. This method assures you that your car will not get any filler or paint while under repair. In short, your car’s original paint remains intact to your vehicle in this method

In this method, your car’s dent is removed by using a glue-pulling technique from the front of your car’s panel. Your technician usually does this when the dent in the car is located in a part where the back of the panel cannot be accessed. In doing so, your technician will use specialised lighting so that the specific features of your car’s dent can be highlighted.

No matter what method is used for your car, mobile dent repairs using paintless dent removal will bring back the original shape of your precious automobile.

Can PDR be used for classic custom cars?
Paintless dent repairs are an excellent choice for a variety of cars, but what about classic car dent repairs? There is one factor in determining whether paintless dent removal is the right option for your classic custom car— the paint.

For classic car dent repairs to be possible, the paint on the vehicle must be less than 60 years old. If you’re wondering why this is because of the elasticity and flexibility of newer paint due to its clear coat technology. Older paint, on the other hand, is harder to manipulate without inflicting damage on the paint surface. Since classic car restoration and customisation nowadays use clear coat technology, your precious classic car can most likely undergo classic car dent repairs.

Nevertheless, it is still important to note that the technician must be a trained professional if you want your car to undergo classic car dent repairs.

Why paintless dent removal?
There is no doubt that paintless dent repair is the better choice for your car, whether it is a classic car or not. Here are a few reasons why paintless classic car dent repairs should be your go-to for your precious vehicle.

It’s a time-saving repair procedure
Let’s face it, it is such a hassle when repairs take a long time. However, when you undergo paintless dent removal, you’ll be able to get your vehicle back in no time. This is because this kind of classic car dent repair takes less time, as they skip procedures needed for conventional methods such as sanding, filling, and repainting. So even if your classic car has multiple dents, repairing it would only take a few hours.

It’s environment-friendly
We’ve mentioned this before, but paintless dent removal is beneficial to the environment. This is because PDR does not use any paint, filler, or any other material containing chemicals that are harmful to the environment or the technician. Instead, PDR only uses specialised tools to bring back your classic car’s original form.

It is budget-friendly
Car repairs are expensive, let alone dent repairs. However, when you select paintless classic car dent repairs, you will spend less. You can thank the number of materials used to fix your car’s dent, as well as the shorter time your technician works on the dent. When your material and labour costs are lower, so is your overall bill.

It doesn’t lessen your car’s value
Classic car owners do their best to maintain the value of their cars even after years of driving and repairs. When the car gets dented, there is a risk that your car’s value may decrease because of the conventional method of dent removal. However, with classic car dent removals, you don’t have to worry about whether your car’s value will decrease. Paintless dent removal does not damage your car’s paint finish, nor does it compromise your car’s panels with sanding and other procedures. This means that after your classic car dent removal, your car would still be a precious work of art.

Classic Car Dent Repairs
A classic custom car isn’t an ordinary car. It is a reflection of you. Just like you take care of your body, your car also needs tender loving care to stay in its best condition. When your car becomes dented, it decreases the overall appeal and its value. Sometimes, dents may cause even more problems for your precious automobile. This is why you’ll need to fix it immediately. PDR 2U can provide you with classic car dent repairs guaranteed to preserve your car’s paint condition. Whether you’re in Tingalpa, another part of Brisbane, or the Gold Coast, PDR 2U will provide your precious car with paintless car dent removal to bring back its original beauty and form.