No matter what kind of car a person drives, no one likes having to bring their vehicle in for repairs. Even so, sustaining dings and dents is common for any type of vehicle and classic cars are no exemption. Age, hailstorms, tools slipping out of hands or off shelves, or things bumping into the bonnet even while inside the garage can give your classic car dings and dents. These damages could diminish the car’s appearance and value and may require costly repairs.

The good news is that restoring your classic car’s pre-dent looks won’t necessarily require you to empty your pockets. Paintless Dent Removal or PDR is an easier, time-saving, and inexpensive option to fix the dents and restore your classic car to its former glory.

What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and How It Works
Paintless Dent Removal or PDR has been around for several years, but many still consider this a new approach to removing dents. The PDR procedure doesn’t require paint or fillings on the damaged area. Instead, the dent is reshaped with specialised tools to apply pressure to the area and return it to its original shape.

There are main methods carried out when performing PDR:

  1. The damaged metal is massaged back to its original shape if the repair happens behind the panel. There is no need to use fillers or paint since the original paint stays unblemished.
  2. Glue is used to pull the dent from the front of the panel when the back panel is inaccessible. A specialised light is used to highlight the exact location of the dent.

Criteria for Paintless Dent Removal
No two dents are the same, dents come in various shapes and sizes. Paintless Dent Removal is recommended as long as the dent isn’t too complicated. For example, if the dents are creased, PDR might not be able to fix them. Another thing to consider is the extent of the dent. If the dent is too deep, it will affect the ability of the panel to return to its original state. The thickness of the paint and cracks along the surface will also determine if a dent is viable for PDR.

What kind of dents can PDR fix? PDR can fix small dents from weather, tools, or collisions with other cars. If you spot a different paint colour on the dented surface, chances are your car has been bumped by another vehicle. Also, most of us have experienced accidentally bumping our cars’ doors into another car, causing small door dings. Since car doors have a protective lining, the door dings they create are repairable with PDR.

Paintless Dent Removal for Classic Cars
Does Paintless Dent Removal work on classic cars? The short answer is yes. However, there is one requirement: in this case, your classic car’s paint must be below sixty years old. The reason is that paints used in cars older than sixty are quite fragile and can’t be modified without blemishing the exterior. In newer cars, the paint used is more flexible thanks to the latest technology. The good news is that most restored classic cars were repainted in the 1980s or 1990s, meaning PDR procedures are possible.

The Advantages of Paintless Dent Removal for Classic Car
Paintless Dent Repair is a favourite method for vehicle body repairs because of its numerous advantages compared to traditional dent repair methods.

Traditional dent repairs require multiple steps of applying primer, sanding the damaged area, applying fillers, and repainting. Each step takes a substantial amount of time for curing and drying, meaning that the whole process usually takes days to weeks to complete.

Additionally, it’s not easy to restore the original body paint of the vehicle since most of the hues used for the cars of yesteryears are not available on the market anymore. Finding the precise shade of a car requires several trials and errors. PDR does not include these time-consuming stages, and as a result, boasts a faster turnaround time.

Getting the right paint hues isn’t just time-consuming; it’s also expensive. When you factor in the tools, materials, and labour required for the restoration, the cost of dent repair can skyrocket. The entire restoration cost is minimised because mobile paint repairs or PDR avoids these steps.

Classic Cars’ Value Retention
Minor damages, history of repairs, and repaints reduce any vehicle’s resale value. This is much truer with classic cars. But classic car owners and enthusiasts go for extremely rigorous actions to preserve or even increase their vintage cars’ value. With this thought in mind, it’s necessary to adopt methods that won’t impact the car’s market value. Since there’s no need to replace parts like panels in paintless dent repair or treat the area with harsh chemicals, the vehicle’s worth is maintained.

More Eco-friendly
The traditional way of repairing dents includes the use of toxic chemicals. These harmful chemicals are released into the surroundings and are detrimental to the environment and health. Paintless dent removal doesn’t use these chemicals and, therefore, is more environmentally friendly.

Paintless Dent Removal from PDR 2U
Restoring classic cars to their pristine looks and conditions is a unique job. From repairing the engines and replacing parts to removing the dings and dents, nothing comes easy. But don’t worry, PDR 2U will take care of your car. PDR 2U is a dent removal company servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas that specialise in Paintless Dent Removal.

We at PDR 2U understand the complexity of classic car restorations and we know that dent removal for classic cars really is possible. Time, effort, and money are spent for the love of vintage, so we offer the best service to bring your classic car back to its fresh pre-dent condition. No need to travel far because we will come to you! Our dent removal services will repair your vehicle at work, home, or any location fitting for you and your classic car. We even provide same-day service whenever possible!

We are composed of expert staff who will treat your car like our own. At PDR 2U, you’ll be offered a dependable, economical, and eco-friendly service and warranty on all Paintless Dent Removal repairs.