Drivers in Australia are aware that extreme weather can cause damage to their vehicles. One significant factor to look out for is hail. In this country, the hail size can vary between 5 mm and 150 mm, making the extent of the possible damage to a car hard to guess until it has occurred.

How Does Hail Damage Devalue my Car?
Hail damage can certainly devalue a car, though the degree of damage varies widely. It’s important for your car to be assessed by a professional like PDR2U after hail damage occurs in order to find out just how much your car’s value has been impacted.

Hail damage to a car can be as minor as a small dent to more significant roof dents, broken windscreen, and windows. In most cases, the harm done to a vehicle by hail is cosmetic and can be repaired.

Hail can impact your car’s value in the following ways.

Reducing the Selling Profit of the Car
The sale of a car after it has been damaged by hail can be complex as it dramatically reduces the selling price. In some cases, the vehicle can only be sold after repair. This value drop can go as low as 50% of its value before the hailstorm.

Increasing the Cost of Repair
Most, if not all, of the profit that could be made through selling the car can be lost to repairing. Mobile dent repairs may not cost as much as the repair of more noticeable and significant damages, but they also may not be able to fix all hail damage either. This is especially the case if there is excessive damage.

Before going on to begin fixing your car after hail damage, inspecting the level of damage is essential. First, it should be determined if the vehicle is repairable at all. It is best to know the damage status, particularly if repairing it will cost much more than the car is worth. You’ll want to find out before spending any money on repairs. PDR2U can offer a FREE no obligations quote on repairs via a simple mobile phone picture.

Cost of Car Hail Damage Repair
The cost of hail damage varies depending on the amount of damage to the car and the repair service you have hired. Here is the price range for some common car hail damage repairs:

  • Windscreen replacement: The age, make, and model of the car, as well as insurance, affects the price of windscreen replacement. The price range of this repair in Australia is $250-$1,000.
  • Paintless dent removal: This option starts as low as $80 for minor dents and goes up depending on the level of damage.
  • Traditional panel repair and paintless dent repair: Ranges from $500 – over $5,000.
  • Large-scale hail repair and roof replacement: This is the most expensive form of car hail damage repair and could cost up to $11,000. Although, replacing a roof isn’t an option unless your car has sentimental value, like a classic or vintage car.

How to Spend Less on Fixing Hail Damage on Your Car
Whether or not your car has previously been unprotected during hail, finding ways to prevent spending so much money on fixing hail damage is a smart move. Here are some ways to avoid spending so much on your car hail damage repair.

Hire an Experienced Car Hail Repair Service
If your car has been damaged by hail, you have probably already been looking for ways to repair the damage. The car hail repair service you choose will make a great deal of difference in the entire repair process and its cost. Hiring a hail repair service with experience in the field is essential. They will be able to assess the damage and recommend cost-effective repair methods which will still get your car looking good again. A great option in Brisbane is Paintless Dent Removal or PDR2U. Our services are affordable, and fast making them ideal for busy people on a budget.

Car Insurance
Getting your car insured right after purchase is a fantastic way to spend less money if you need to fix your car from hail damage at a later stage. To repair your car after hail damage, contact your insurance company to check if your insurance covers hail damage. You will have to file a hail damage claim with the insurance company if it does. The insurance company will then send an inspector to assess the damage to the car, create a total cost estimate, and send a check.

Prevent the Damage from Occurring
Preventing or minimizing the amount of damage to your car is an excellent way to reduce the cost of repair or even completely prevent the need for it. Some of the preventative practices you can set in place are

  • Have a garage in your home and be sure to always park your vehicle inside.
  • Blankets or hail covers: If you don’t have a garage in your home, a suitable alternative is to purchase blankets or hail covers for your car. Either of these options can be used to cover your vehicle when a hailstorm is coming. Some people go the extra mile and always protect their vehicle when they are done with it for the day and back home, with or without a scary weather report. It is also good to carry the blankets or cover in your car in case you pull over at a stop without a garage.
  • Don’t be out in the storm: If a hailstorm starts while you are on the road, stop at the closest shelter you find. This could be a local shopping centre, under a bridge, at a petrol station, or even at a hotel. These places usually have parking garages where your car will be protected if you park there.

Bottom Line
Take the preventative measures discussed to prevent hail damage to your vehicle. Also, set up full coverage insurance for the vehicle. That will ensure you spend less if any actions to prevent hail damage fail you.

Car hail damage is straightforward to manage with the help of an experienced hail repair service. Contact Paintless Dent Removal, PDR today and get your car fixed sooner rather than later.