Any medic will tell you that, when it comes to injuries and illnesses, prevention is always the best course of action. Our team of dent doctors will tell you the same is true of cars and bumps or bashes.

So, without wishing to do ourselves out of business as Brisbane’s premier mobile dent removalist, what can you do to help stop your vehicle from getting those annoying dents that can make your heart miss a beat?

Find out as we look at the preventative measures you can take to keep your car in mint condition.

Your Guide to Avoiding Car Dents
Many of us live life in the fast lane, consumed by the need to get a zillion tasks completed in record time. What lies behind most of our tips is using a little common sense. That often means building in some extra time and avoiding certain situations.

Even when the obvious is staring us in the face, we could still benefit from a quick prod every so often to remind us of how to take extra care, particularly if we’ve just bought a bright, shiny new car.

Here are 6 actions you can take to ensure you’re less likely to add any unwanted stress to your day by getting an unwelcome dent in your car.

  • Practise a Little Mindfulness

Many accidents happen when we’re not concentrating fully. Our minds may have become distracted by a problem we’re trying to resolve at home or work, for example.

Whatever your day holds, it’s always worth spending a moment to stop and be mindful.

That’s going to help you in ways you may never have dreamt of. Here are some of them:

  • You’ll feel more relaxed and less likely to hurry unnecessarily
  • You’re more likely to control your speed and take time parking correctly  
  • You’ll have a far greater awareness of what’s around you
  • You’re more likely to ask yourself if you really need to drive in bad weather

Mindfulness has proved so effective in reducing stress that many doctors say they’d recommend patients take it up over prescribing a drug. It can reduce anxiety, make us feel more relaxed and help us learn how to spend our time more fruitfully.

  • Choose Where You Park Carefully

Car parks are notorious places for minor car scrapes and accidents. Take a moment to understand the surroundings, deciding on your car parking space with care. Choose somewhere that’s well-lit and where it’s only possible for one car to park next to you.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to park away from busy entrances and exits. Try to avoid times when the car park is likely to get packed. Never park next to cars that have not entered their own parking bay or space properly. If you’re parking at the supermarket, avoid places where shopping carts or trollies get stored.

If this all means parking a little further away from the entrance, then a few extra steps could be worth the effort when it comes to dodging those high-risk scratch and dent zones. Turn it into a positive by adding the extra walk to the reading on your pedometer.

  • Park in a Garage

One of the best ways to escape car dents is to park in a garage or a covered parking area. If you don’t own a garage, consider renting one nearby. If that’s not possible, find a covered spot where your car will get shelter from the elements.

Keeping your vehicle under cover is going to help it stay looking its best for longer. It can also lower the risk of theft. You could try using a windshield cover or an all-weather car cover too. These will help keep your car dry and free from dents and scratches.

  • Avoid Driving in Severe Weather Conditions

Even the Sunshine Coast has its share of hail storms. It was only a few years ago that Brisbane got bombarded by one of its worst hail storms in years. It left a trail of destruction and a damage bill of more than $1.3 billion. Many cars bore the brunt of the hail with dents on roofs and bonnets.

Bad weather conditions will increase the likelihood of you having an accident or bump with another car. If the forecast is particularly bad, avoid getting into the car at all. Remember that debris on the road or a falling branch can get whipped up and also won’t help you in avoiding car dents.

  • Keep a Safe Distance From Other Cars

When you’re in a hurry, getting closer to the car in front is not going to help. If anything, it can cause things to be worse by making you more likely to have an accident. Even if a scrape with another car is not serious, it can still result in an unwelcome dent or two.

If you’re lending your car to an inexperienced driver, spend time flagging up places they should avoid parking.

We all need to have an awareness of other people when we’re on the road. This should always have an impact on how we drive and the speed we drive at. Our own road awareness can help us avoid getting dents and should include:

  • Being on the lookout for bikers, walkers and children playing
  • Keeping our distance from cyclists
  • Practising the “mirror, signal, manouvre” mantra
  • Paying extra care in residential neighbourhoods
  • Clean and Wax Your Own Car

Some automatic car washes won’t help you in avoiding car dents, and this is particularly the case if the large roller brushes have not received correct maintenance.

Another way in avoiding car dents is to wash your car yourself. This makes sense because you’ll be less likely to damage your car in the process and more likely to spot and keep on top of small dents or indentations. It’s always best to get these fixed and smoothed away as quickly as possible.

Help! I need a Mobile Dent Removalist
If you have been avoiding car dents, but still managed to get one anyway, then we are the experts in Car Dent Repairs in Brisbane. PDR2U carries out paintless dent repairs throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and the surrounding areas.

Ping us a quick photo of the damage and we’ll even be able to give you a free, instant quote!