If your car has a dent or some dings, paintless dent removal is a great way to repair them whilst maintaining the finish of your paint. You don’t need to take your vehicle to a body shop for the job, PDR technicians can come right to you which saves you money and time. This technology is not only effective but versatile, making it an ideal choice for a multitude of vehicles. Find out which ones we service below:

Paintless dent removal is a unique process that removes dents from the surface of vehicles. This is effective on many different vehicles, including cars, trucks and motorcycles. It’s also the go-to form of hail-damage repair for dealerships and car enthusiasts because it has no impact on the finish of the paint.

The Service of Choice For Hail-damaged Vehicles

If you live in an area that is prone to hail damage, you know how big a problem this can be. Hail damage causes dents that are difficult to fix with traditional methods and can leave your car looking like it has been through a war zone. This is why car insurance companies often send out reminders that hail is on the radar and give notice to move your car under cover. Paintless dent repair is the best way to repair minor hail-damaged vehicles as it’s far cheaper than traditional paint and bodywork shops, but also much faster, easier and it gets the job done well. If your car has been battered with hail on every panel, it may be an insurance right off and wouldn’t be worth the repair work.

New Car Dents

When you buy a new car, it comes to you in pristine condition. But sometimes the unfortunate happens with a dent or a ding. While it can be extremely disappointing, new cars are an excellent candidate for paintless dent removal as the technology creates a seamless repair.

If your new car has been in an accident, not to worry, Paintless dent removal can help with minor accidents too. But, if you leave your car with minor damage for too long, rust can form inside the crevice of dents making it harder for repairs later down the track. At PDR RU we offer a cost-effective and mobile service, so there is no reason to delay with repairs.

Motorbike Dents

Motorbikes are a great choice for the paintless dent repair process because they’re very easy to work on. Unlike cars, most motorbikes have no doors or windows and their overall shape makes them easy to move around. and remove panels and fuel covers for complete access for specialised tools and equipment. Motorbikes can get dented very easily when you think about the constant way they are exposed. Motorbikes are not only exposed to the elements and the risk of rocks from passing cars but also from the rider getting on and off the vehicle. You have that added risk of dents from protective gear, helmets  or even falling over if it should become unbalanced.

Fleet Vehicle Dents

Fleet car owners typically have a strict budget for maintenance and repair costs, so any car repairs that can be made cheaply and quickly are highly valuable to them. Paintless dent repair is an ideal solution for fleet vehicles because it’s fast, cost-effective and often requires no additional parts or tools beyond the skill of your technician.

There are several benefits of using paintless dent repair on fleet cars:

  • It is fast. The time it takes to complete the process varies based on how much damage there is but most repairs take one day from start to finish. As we come to you, there will be no disruption to your day or your work schedule.
  • This process doesn’t require new parts or tools other than those already available within our mobile vehicle. This means lower up-front costs compared with conventional methods such as bodywork or panel beaters.
  • Paintless dent removal reduces labour costs because the technology allows for one technician to complete the work. A typical body shop often has multiple technicians for each stage of the repair, not to mention the overheads which contribute to your overall cost.

Commercial Vehicle Repair

Commercial vehicles are susceptible to dents and dings due to the nature of being working vehicles. Often there is product or tools being loaded in and out of the vehicles which makes them more at risk of suffering damage. Additionally, commercial vehicles tend to park in interesting places which can lead to more bumps and dings than a private car.

Commercial vehicles are also often wrapped so it is important to maintain the image of your business with a well-looked-after vehicle.

Hire Car Dents

Have you been on a holiday with a hire car, having a great time and then one of the kids accidentally dents the car with their scooter? It has happened to us too, instead of paying the expensive premium from the dealership, we can come to you and fix up that ding so you can enjoy the rest  of your holiday. In fact, we can even fix the damage while you sip cocktails by the pool…how’s that for a stress free solution.

New Dealership Cars

New car dealerships often receive a few dents and dings with thanks to minor mishaps during test drives and tight car parks. New car dealership employees navigate through some challenging spaces to release cars for a test drive for clients and from time to time cause minor dents that need repairing.

As we have learned, paintless dent removal is ideal for new cars.  Our mobile technicians often visit dealerships to touch up their fleet making them pristine once again. you would be suprised how many vehicles are treated when tehy come off the docks too. You wuld never know it but it is actually very common that cars need repairing if they are being shipped from overseas or transported on the back of car trucks from interstate. They will often put a protctive cover over the bonnet section but the rest of the vehicle is left exposed leaving it open to risk of stray rocks finding the side panel of a vehicle.

Paintless dent removal is a fantastic service that not only corrects damage quickly but is cost-effective and maintains the quality of the paint of your car. Our service is mobile and versatile, making us a great solution for a multitude of vehicle owners. If you are in the Brisbane region and have some dorr dents or mishaps that need correcing, contact us today.