Dents are a bit like cuts and bruises. They can happen in places that are extremely tricky to reach and treat.

In cars, there can sometimes be additional complications. A dent might be anything but inconspicuous and the design of a vehicle can make putting it right a real challenge.

Find out why glue pull dent repair might be the solution as we take a look at what’s involved and how it works.

Tap, Tap, Tap and a Flawless Result

More often than not, when you need to get a dent fixed, a technician will work their magic by getting behind the panel. They’ll use a kit of specialist tools to gradually massage the damaged metal back into place.

The job requires plenty of skill and patience. The results are typically so good that you’d never know a dent had ever happened. The original paint stays intact and no matter how hard you look, the bodywork reverts back to being smooth and flawless.

Sometimes, however, a dent can happen in a place that’s impossible to reach from behind with the usual specialist tools. These are awkward locations that can also be highly visible.

The Glue Pull Technique

Typical places that you might not be able to get to from behind are sealed sections of the vehicle. These can include roof rails. The make and model of the car will have a bearing on where these sealed units are.

When a dent happens in one of these kinds of places, it’s the moment that the glue pull technique comes into its own. Instead of gently tapping the dent out from behind, a technician will pull it out. The results can be as effective but the tools and skillset needed are slightly different.

The technique works best on top-of-the-range vehicles. Manufacturers then tend to use high-quality metal and paint that makes the job of pulling out any dents far easier. Our technicians will be able to advise you on what they consider to be the best chances of a successful outcome.

How Paintless Dent Repair in Brisbane Works

The 3 main accessories needed to carry out the repair are these:

  • A specialist paintless glue
  • A set of tabs in different shapes, sizes and strengths
  • A slide hammer

The product used in glue pull dent repair is not something you would buy over the counter at your regular hardware store. It’s an industry-specific hot glue that gets applied to a plastic or nylon glue tab. The tab will then become attached to the damaged area. The glues available vary depending on temperature, damage and humidity.

Pulling the Tabs Correctly

Once the glue has been set to the right level, the tab then gets pulled away from the vehicle’s panel. This happens with a slide hammer, mini lifter or another industry-specific “puller.” The tabs come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes.

Your technician will decide on the most appropriate tab for the job. A common favourite is the “dead centre” tab. As glues have improved, the tab head size has reduced making more precise pulls even easier.

After correctly glueing the relevant tab to the dent, the technician will place the opening of the slide hammer around it. The timing, speed and angle of the pull become critical. This is because the glue needs to have set for just the correct length of time and the direction and velocity of pull need to be just right.

Occasionally, the technician will need to soften the dent in the first instance. This will require tapping down the pressure areas with a knockdown or blending hammer. It’s all skilled work best left to the professionals as it requires plenty of experience.

The Process Step-by-Step

Here’s the lowdown of a typical glue pull dent repair:

  • The affected area gets wiped with a high concentration of alcohol
  • A technician selects a glue tab that fits within the outer edge of the damaged area
  • Sufficient hot glue gets applied to the tab’s flat surface
  • The amount of glue will be approx 2mm between the tab of the vehicle surface
  • The glue begins to set: a little may ooze out at the sides
  • The technician will put the slide hammer into place and make the pull
  • The tab will typically make a “pop” sound
  • Excess glue gets removed with alcohol
  • After checking, the technician may repeat the process for the best results

Perfect Paintwork

No nasty fillers or additional paint products get used in a glue pull dent repair. That means the techniques work without compromising the paintwork on the vehicle.

One of the biggest benefits of this method is there’s no drilling, scraping or filling involved. Instead, the dent gets removed in a relatively non-invasive way that won’t affect the look of the vehicle.

Other techniques are less effective and can even make the problems of a dent worse. For example, traditional drilling can chip away at the materials that support parts of the vehicle.

This can lead to further cracks over time and the weakening of a specific area of the vehicle. A glue pull dent repair will not require any extra painting or touching up.

Leave It to the Experts

It is very important to know what kind of damage you are dealing with before deciding which method of dent removal to use. Our technicians will make a diagnosis using their skills and expertise.

It’s best not to try to remove a dent at home. To get the job done properly, you need both the right tools and the right level of experience for the most effective results.

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