There’s been a shift to a more “make do and mend” culture. Environmental challenges mean many of us are looking for new ways to improve sustainability. It’s a big ask because we still harbour the same expectations in terms of quality and durability.

Paintless body repair and dent removal are game-changers. They play an important part in improving our planet-saving credentials.

Read on to find out from Brisbane’s premier dent repair specialists how they do this and much more. Discover why going paintless is integral to the future of auto body repair.

The History of Paintless Dent Removal and How it Works

Paintless dent repair has its origins back in the 3rd century BC. Metal workers used chasing and repoussé techniques then to manipulate metal. It was Frank T. Sargent who in 1931 began the trend through his cutting-edge book, “The Key To Metal Bumping”.

In it, he explained which tools were necessary to carry out paintless dent repair and how to use them. He even described how one might predict the metal to move.

The essence of paintless body repair is straightforward. A trained technician uses specific, specially-made tools. They’ll gently massage and manoeuvre the metal back into its original shape.

They do this by getting behind the panel and when this is not possible, they may try using a glue-pulling system to take out the dent from the front side.

The results are so impressive that it can be impossible to tell there was ever an issue at all. There are other advantages too as no corrosive or harmful chemicals get used.

The Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal

In the past, you may have decided to take your damaged vehicle to a body repair shop. There was typically a requirement to leave your car there for a period of time, perhaps overnight or even for a few days.

When you’re working or have other commitments, this can be inconvenient. There may also be additional costs too should you need to hire a replacement car while the vehicle gets repaired.

A paintless body repair service such as PDR 2U does away with this. We come to you and carry out the repair wherever you are. That could be at your home or close to your place of work, for example.

We can also often make an initial assessment by examining photos of the damage. You can send these to us via text message. Again, this mitigates the necessity to drive somewhere in order to get an idea of the cost and time frame for the job.

Our overheads are low since we have no costly site to rent and maintain. That means we can pass these savings on to our customers so they pay the lowest possible price for the repair.

Paintless Dent Removal vs Traditional Auto Body Repair

With paintless dent removal, there’s no need for a respray or paint touch-up. Dents, dings and creases get removed without altering the factory finish on your car.

Traditional techniques used to repair a dent are prone to being considerably more invasive. That’s when compared to paintless dent removal methods. The former may require the use of fillers, sanding and respraying a paint that’s nearly but exactly the same colour as the original.

The results can be disheartening, a continual reminder of an accident. Since paintless dent removal uses no “cover-up” products, it restores your car’s bodywork back to its original form. The results are so impressive that it’s as though your vehicle never had a dent or ding, to begin with.

Efficient and Fast

By using a light board, our technicians can make a judgement of the damaged area. This helps them understand precisely where to position their specialist tools. They’ll then operate these to manipulate the bodywork back to its original position.

Paintless dent removal tends to be a much faster operation too. There’s no hanging about. Our technicians will show up and get the job done while you’re getting on with your life. Our goal is to fit in with the lifestyle of our customers causing them minimal inconvenience.

If we have to carry out a glue-pulling repair, we’ll use specialist equipment and products that are non-invasive. When compared with a traditional repair, the results are faster, cleaner and use fewer harmful chemicals.

Technological Advances in Paintless Dent Removal

Although paintless dent removal is not a new repair technique, its applications have become more relevant and advantageous now than they ever were. When applied in the correct ways, this method of repair creates an efficient way for collision repair operators to fix vehicles. Benefits include:

  • A lower cost of repair for insurers
  • A higher quality, less invasive repair for consumers
  • A repair that reduces the overall impact on the environment
  • The opportunity to carry out more complex repairs

As car manufacturers become more environmentally aware, they are continually looking for a repair process to match. This involves adapting the structure of the vehicle but also using paintless dent removal techniques to carry out repairs. The advantages are clear:

  • Less harmless chemicals and no paint products get used
  • Reduced overheads and a shorter repair timeframe
  • Greater efficiency in turning around a vehicle for repair

The bottom line is that paintless dent removal carefully returns a vehicle’s bodywork back to its original shape. It does this with near-perfect results time after time. This helps vehicles retain their value and it reduces the likelihood of owners wanting to sell their cars for aesthetic reasons.

Get in Touch With Dent Repair Specialists in Brisbane

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