“Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle.” The saying embraces the thrill of a motorbike with a degree of humour. It’s also strictly not true.

Issues such as motorbike tank dents happen in an instant and tend to be out of our control. For any motorbike lover, even the smallest ding brings on that heart-sinking sensation, turning a tiny blemish into an unmissable eyesore.

Read on for the most effective way to carry out a motorbike tank dent repair as we explain all the benefits of doing it paintless.

Why Do Motorbike Tank Dents Happen So Often?

At that last count, over 2 million motorbike licence holders were registered in Australia and almost a million motorbikes. There is a very high chance that many of those bikes are going to get a dent in their tank at some point in their lives. And there’s a good reason why.

The material that manufacturers use to make the tanks tends to be very thin metal in order to keep the weight of the motorbike down. Although this promotes better fuel economy, it makes the tank more prone to damage when there’s any kind of unwanted impact on its outer shell.

If you’re not sure which metal the makers used for your tank, try using a magnet. If the magnet sticks, it’s likely to be steel. If it doesn’t stick, the chances are it’s aluminium, or possibly titanium, if the model is relatively recent. Aluminium may be lighter but is more likely to dent than other metals.

What Are the Common Causes of Motorbike Tank Dents?

The exposed position of a motorcycle tank makes it more susceptible to damage. In a sense, it’s a sitting duck for adverse environmental effects. Here are some of the most common reasons, motorbike enthusiasts will get a dent in their tank:

  • The force from hail hitting the bike
  • Debris from the road
  • The impact of stones and gravel
  • Dropping an object like a phone or helmet onto the frame of the bike

Hail and thunderstorms have become regular fixtures in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. They’re familiar with weather conditions typically from late October through to February and March.

Why Is A Motorbike Tank Dent Repair So Important?

Apart from ruining the aesthetics of the bike, a dent can encourage rust and flaking. It can also lead to problems with the tank liner. This can crack and peel with fuel leaking through causing yet more damage.

On top of that, a serious dent can reduce the capacity of the tank itself and act as an intermediary for further potential problems. All this can seriously affect the future resale value of the bike. It’s an important point to consider even if you’re not planning to sell right now.

What matters most is how you get the dent on your bike repaired. Many riders make the mistake of putting a dent repair off because they think it’s going to be expensive, time-consuming or even make the issue worse. That’s a mistake and ultimately a false economy.

Why Choose The Best Dent Repair Specialists in Brisbane?

There’s a quick, easy, convenient and cost-effective way to get rid of unsightly dents. That’s by using PDR 2U, the premier dent repair specialist on the Gold Coast.

The whole repair process is completely non-invasive. That means no paints, harmful chemicals and putties get used. This is critical, particularly when you’re dealing with a high-value show or custom-made bike. Any of those products can wreck the look and bodywork of a bike.

The paintless dent removal process relies on the skill and expertise of the team member carrying out the repair. They have undergone months of intense training using special equipment and have substantial experience under their belts.

Don’t Try This at Home!

Paintless motorbike tank dent repair is not something you should attempt at home yourself. Without the right tools and know-how, you could easily turn a small problem into a major issue.

Cheaper than more traditional methods, this kind of motorbike dent repair requires special tools to massage and ease out the dents from behind. The process restores the motorbike tank back to its original condition and former glory without damaging the paintwork.

Does Paintless Motorbike Tank Dent Repair Differ From Fixing a Car?

The location of some dents on a car can make them extremely tricky to treat. This is one of the reasons that we always recommend sending us a photo of the damage in advance. We can see in an instant the work needed and can manage your expectations by making an accurate assessment of the problem and required treatment.

It’s a similar story when dealing with the dent on a motorbike tank. However, there’s one clear advantage when repairing dents on the delicate areas of a motorbike such as a tank.

Because the tank tends to be removable, we can take it off, place it on a mount and get easier access to all the difficult parts of it. That means there are far fewer dents that we cannot repair using the paintless method.

The bike’s paintwork is going to stay intact and the result will be a tank that looks 100 per cent new. Even the most eagle-eyed bike lover would find it impossible to see evidence that there was ever a problem in the first place. And the best part? A paintless dent repair will be cheaper than you think and last forever.

Get in Touch with Brisbane’s Dent Repair Specialists Today

Whether you’ve just had an accident or have been living with motorbike dents on your tank for months, it’s never too late to contact the best dent repair specialists on the Gold Coast.

PDR 2U will assess the damage and give you a free estimate for any motorbike dent repair. Get in touch with us today for a great value quote today. The sooner you get the dents fixed, the less likely you will be to incur further expenses further down the line.