Most of us form a first impression about another person within 7 seconds. We’re likely to weigh up a second-hand car within a similar timeframe.

It may not always be love at first sight, but how a car looks matters. Humans are fickle and prone to making snap judgements, especially when there’s cash involved. They’ll move on if the car is not looking its best, even if the engine is in mint condition,

Read on to discover the top tips for selling your car and how the premier dent repair specialists in Brisbane can help you achieve the best price.

Making a Good Impression

Let’s say you were going on a date or for a job interview. In a sense, you’ll want to market yourself in the best possible light. At the bare minimum, that will mean being clean, wearing well-fitting clothes and making the most of your most attractive character traits.

When buyers are after a second-hand car, how it looks really matters because:

  • It suggests what the condition of the car’s inner workings may be like
  • It offers an indication of how previous owners may have looked after the car
  • It makes the car look more attractive if it’s shiny, clean and dent-free

Ensuring you book a car detailing service would always be a good call. A car that’s shiny, bright and looking good gives the impression that the owners care about it and, more importantly, have looked after it in the past.

Ditch the Dents!

Before you go down the road of cleaning the car, you need to take a long hard look at the bodywork. Minor blemishes like dents and dings can be a real turn-off, even if they make absolutely no difference to the quality of how the car drives.

If an owner hasn’t had the dents removed, they leave any potential buyer wondering what else they haven’t had fixed. Getting dents and paintwork repaired will make the car look more saleable and can increase the price you’re planning to ask for it.

One of the key reasons why many car owners put off getting dents fixed is the perceived hassle factor. They may think they’re going to be without their car for days on end for a repair that doesn’t affect the car’s primary purpose, getting from A to B.

There is a quick, cost-effective and efficient way to get dents removed without any inconvenience at all.

The Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Skilled technicians work dents out of your car’s bodywork from behind the panel. They do this with specialist tools, similar to those used by jewellers. In essence, they knock the dents out and the results are typically near-perfect and barely noticeable, if at all.

Our PDR 2U technicians may sometimes also use a glue-pulling technique. This is generally for dents where there is no access possible to the back of the panel. They’ll use specialist lighting too to flag up any specific features of the particular dent.

Here are some of the key benefits of PDR:

  • No paint or chemicals required
  • No need to leave your vehicle overnight or to be without the use of your car
  • Technicians are mobile and can come to where you are to carry out the work
  • A near-perfect finish every time at your convenience
  • A repair that is cost-effective and offers great value for money

Once our technicians at PDR 2U have removed the dents, the results can be staggering. What might have appeared to be an unloved vehicle gets transformed into a car that looks as good as new again. It all costs substantially less than other kinds of repair methods which can leave cars looking worse than they did in the first place.

Until relatively recently, the only way to deal with dents was to cover them with body fillers and then repaint the affected panel. This caused a real issue because the shade of the newly painted panel could be very different when compared to the rest of the car.

Other parts of the car may have undergone slight changes in colour and shade due to adverse weather conditions and time spent in the sun. The fillers were also prone to cracking. Repainting may have sometimes left an impression that the car had had a past accident and that the owners were trying to cover up the damage.

PDR is a non-invasive technique and so doesn’t present those same types of issues.

And, perhaps best of all, if you’re selling your car, the repairs help create a lasting impression. They suggest that the car has been well looked after throughout its life.

Why Dent Removal Is So Important

The key detrimental effects of dents tend to be financial and aesthetic. They include:

  • A negative impact on the car’s resale value.
  • Further damage when the owner doesn’t get dents fixed straight away
  • A poor image of a business if the vehicle gets used commercially

Sometimes when dents don’t get fixed immediately, they can cause rust spots and paint damage. PDR 2U would always recommend getting dents repaired as quickly as possible to avoid the risk of further expense even if you are not planning on selling your car straight away.

Once you’re ready to sell, you’ll know that your car is in the best possible condition and will achieve the maximum resale price.

If You’re Selling your Car, Talk to PDR 2U

One of the best tips for selling your car is getting it to look its best. That means fixing any dents, dings and scrapes. PDR 2U are the premier dents repair specialist on the Gold Coast.

We’d recommend you take some photos of the damage on your smartphone. Send them to us so that we can assess the required work. We’ll then quickly give you a free quote.

Because we’re a mobile service, we’ll be able to come to wherever you are to get the job done. Contact PDR 2U today and get those dents removed once and for all for a faster sale at a better price.