Brisbane Paintless Dent Removal services are excellent at removing all types of dents and dings. This article will help you better understand the various types of dents that can be removed by PDR2U, including car dings, hail dents, creased dents, sharp dents and round dents.

Car Dings
Car dings are some of the most frustrating things to deal with. These types of dents can occur when another car door smacks into the side of your vehicle.

Whether you’re parked at a shopping centre, school car park or in the main street, car dings are a pretty common dent where you have car congestion.

The good news is that Brisbane paintless dent removal services PDR2U can quickly repair car dings in no time at all. In fact, car dings are one of the easiest dents to remove. The reason behind this is that your car panels are moulded into their particular state at manufacturing, a state that they wish to get back to. Our dent removal methods take advantage of this allowing us to gently coax your car dent back into the shape it originally started in.

Hail Dents
The next type of issue that paintless dent removal can correct is dents caused by hail. The weather in Brisbane can be quite unpredictable, and you never know when a hailstorm might be coming – which means you don’t always have time to get your vehicle under covered protection.

Unfortunately, hail can result in unsightly dents all over your cars, roof and bonnet and depending on the direction of the hail, side panels can also be impacted. Hail dents are typically small and round making them fairly easy to remove.

At PDR2U, we specialise in paintless dent removal techniques that repair hail damage and bring your vehicle back to life. There are no intrusive procedures required, so the repairs can be done quickly and effectively and because we offer a mobile service, you avoid the need to have to drop your car off for the repairs.

Creased Dents
When an object strikes your car panel and then drags along the rest of the vehicle, you will see a creased dent. Things like low tree branches, trailers, and bicycle handlebars are all responsible for this type of damage.

For the most part, creased dents are found along the sides of your vehicle. To the untrained eye, they may look like circular dents. However, if you look closely, you will notice that small creases appear beneath the dent itself.

Often, repairing a dent involves the removal of paint, which then needs to be touched up. However, with PDR2U, our process does not involve any paint removal making our dent repair services very cost-effective.

Sharp Dents
Sharp dents are another type of damage that we can fix at PDR2U. This type of dent develops at the first point of contact when there is a strong impact, usually from a small object.

Depending on the force of the car door, door dings can fall into this category as well. The size will vary based on the size and weight of the object that hits your car.

While you might think these dents are not repairable, they actually are! We use specialised tools like steel rods; tap downs and blending hammers to help massage your car dent from the inside out.

Round Dents
Round dents are just what they sound like – circular or dimple-shaped damage on your vehicle. These are usually modest in size and caused by things like a cricket ball or a hailstone.

As long as the paint itself is not damaged, paintless dent removal can fix round dents easily. The experts at PDR2U can generally repair round dents in under an hour leaving you free to use your car once again.

If your car has suffered a sharp, round or creased dent, a car-ding or hail damage then let the experts at PDR2U help! Our highly trained technicians will repair your dent in no time thanks to their dent repair expertise plus, our process is mobile and cheaper than a panel repair shop.

Ready to get that dent repaired? The give us a call today!