There’s always a bit of a tug-of-war when there’s a car sale going on. The seller wants to get the best possible price, and the buyer wants to bag a bargain. There’s usually an element of gamesmanship involved and a meeting somewhere in the middle.

So, when you’re selling your car, how can you give yourself the best chance of getting maximum cash from the sale? PDR 2U are experts in dings, bumps and more. Carrying out Brisbane car dent repairs is what we do, so read on for our top vehicle-selling tips.

Set the Price Carefully

Be realistic about the value of your car and set a price that allows some room for negotiation. It can be challenging to set the price before selling any vehicle. If the price is too high, you may put off potential buyers. Go too low, and buyers may think there’s something wrong with the car or may take advantage of you.

So, how do you set a fair price? Here’s how to ensure the price accurately reflects your car’s value:

  • Get the vehicle valued and consider multiple appraisals from different dealers
  • Be firm with the price and stick to it
  • Add any recent extras you’ve paid for, like new tyres or a Brisbane car dent repair
  • Add in a bit extra, say 5-10 per cent, to allow for negotiation

Get All the Paperwork in Order

Ensuring you have the proper documentation and correct paperwork is a legal requirement. If you can present a folder with all the relevant documents, then it creates a professional impression. Make sure you have all the necessary ownership and registration documents, and ensure you’ve cleared any fines connected to the vehicle.

Get the Timing Right

Unless you have to sell your car as fast as possible, go for a time that will likely give you the best return. Demand, interest rates and the time of year can all have an impact on the price you might get for a used vehicle. Many believe spring and summer are the best times to sell a car. That’s because people tend to get more pleasure when on road trips or family breaks during these particular months.

Check Your Tyres

Ensure your tyres are in great shape and that you’ve inflated them to the correct pressure. Specialist tyre, wheel, and rim cleaners can really give tyres and hubs a great lift so that they look as good as new.

Tune the Car Up!

A car that’s not running well will be harder to sell. If yours doesn’t sound as it should, book the car for a service. You’ll need to weigh up if any costly work will make selling the car worthwhile if yours is very old. However, if possible, add what you spend to the selling price.

Throw in a Few Extras

Everyone loves something a freebee, and a small extra can make or break a sale. You could include smartphone cables, a car phone charger or other small gadget, for example.

Carry Out a Thorough Inspection

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What will they be looking for? Check your car from every angle. Are there any chips in the paintwork? Does the car have many minor dents? Getting these fixed by PDR 2U is simplicity itself and will give a considerable boost to your selling price. We are experts in Brisbane Car Dent Repairs.

A small dent due to an accident, a car parking incident or hail damage creates the wrong impression. PDR 2U carries out mobile paintless dent repairs wherever it suits you. That could be at home or at work, for example. Our Paintless Dent Repair will have your car looking like new in no time.

Inspect the Finer Details

Closely inspect the car from every angle possible. Check it from a distance, examine it as closely as possible and be sure to sit inside it. Make notes of things that might put a buyer off.

Check for scuff marks on the trim and stains on the carpet. They can all have an impact on a car’s appeal, so you might think about having these kinds of minor issues fixed before marketing your vehicle for sale.

Look under the bonnet and inspect the engine for oil or coolant leaks. Remember that a clean engine can make a big impression, especially on car enthusiasts.

Give the Car a Good Clean

It’s well worth investing a bit of time and elbow grease by giving the car a good clean inside and out. It might even be worth paying for a professional car detailing service. It’s all about first impressions.

Even if keeping your car clean hasn’t been your forte, you should ensure it’s in tip-top shape on the day you sell it. When a car is clean, it suggests you’ve cared about it and looked after it well. Here are a few tips:

  • Pay attention to the details, such as trims and badges
  • Vacuum the carpets and flooring thoroughly and get rid of waste
  • Wash the car mats and wipe the dashboard with a specialist product
  • Use a special car scent device so that the car smells clean

When cleaning the inside, pay special attention to gaps under and behind the seats where dust and grit can build up.

Don’t Forget the Boot

Tidy the boot out and remove any belongings, even ones you may think are useful. Potential buyers want to imagine filling the space with their essentials and not yours.  Ensure you’ve put the spare wheel firmly in place and stowed it securely so it doesn’t rattle around.

Get all the tools together that originally came with the car are there. Once you’ve tidied the boot up, you should vacuum it out thoroughly.

Get Those Dents Fixed With Brisbane Car Dent Repairs Today

PDR 2U offers a full range of Brisbane car dent repairs. If you plan to sell your car that currently has a dent, use our paintless dent repair service. It’s one of our top vehicle-selling tips! Get a free quote today and get your dents sorted.