Far be it from us to do ourselves out of work! But did you know you could prevent many small car dents from happening in the first place? How? It all starts with an awareness of the most common kinds of dings and dents.

As the premier paintless dental removal specialists in Brisbane, we’ve seen it all: bangs and bumps caused by hail, shopping trolleys and everything in between.

Find out more as we share the most common reasons we’ve had to perform paintless dent removal on the Gold Coast.

Know Your Dents!

Not all dents are the same. They come in all sizes and shapes, the result of a variety of impacts.

Unexpected hail storms and a piece of flying grit tossed up on your car’s bodywork mean it’s almost impossible to dent-proof your car 100 per cent. But there are measures you can take to significantly reduce the likelihood of experiencing dents in your vehicle.

When you understand what might cause a particular ding, you can take steps to ensure they don’t happen again. You may be able to identify the cause of a dent with a bit of detective work that involves examining its shape.

Perfectly Round Dents

If you notice several completely round dents spread across the roof of your car, the cause is likely hail. Balls of ice that fall from the sky can cause a lot of unexpected damage.

They can be travelling at speeds of up to 65 km/h when they hit your car so the ensuing damage can be severe. This can be a major headache if you’ve been away for a few days and have left your car parked on the street.

Always check the weather for the risk of hailstorms, and if one is on the way, do your best to park your car under a canopy, cover or underground.

Shallow Dents

When these appear on the side of your car, they’re probably the result of another careless driver or their passenger bashing your vehicle when they’re parking near you.

It can pay to park away from other people. If you’re using a car park, find spaces with only one space next to it. For example, you may be able to get the final space in a row. In supermarkets, never park next to shopping trolley stations.

Long Dents

These can appear a bit like slash marks that leave the paintwork intact. They often happen due to a car hitting a sharp object. For instance, you might hit a sharp tool or appliance when reversing out of your garage.

How Small Car Dents Happen

The Gold Coast has lots of peculiarities that can make a dent more likely to happen. Here are the most common reasons for paintless dent removal in Brisbane and beyond:

Stray Animals

Estimates put the number of animals killed on Australia’s roads each year at 10 million. Koalas and kangaroos can end up as roadkill victims, along with many other species. 5 per cent of road accidents involve collisions with animals, and a staggering 80 to 90 per cent of those involve kangaroos.

These statistics make for sad reading, so it’s all the more important to be vigilant and avoid hitting animals.

Signs warning there’s a high chance of animals wandering onto the road are there for a reason. It pays to be mindful and slow down so that you can avoid the chances of animal injury and paintless dent removal on the Gold Coast.


Although potholes themselves may be unlikely to damage your vehicle’s bodywork, they can cause stones, small rocks and debris to break off near them. These can fly up and cause small car dents. Drive at a sensible speed and watch for pothole hotspots to reduce the likelihood of paintless dent removal in Brisbane.


The most common dents are likely to happen in your garage due to too much clutter. It’s a good idea to leave as much space as possible around your car if you use your garage to park it.

Inconsiderate drivers and passengers in car parks are also a real issue. They can open doors carelessly, hitting the side of your car and causing small car dents or damage. Always use extreme caution when reversing out of a parking space or opening your car door.


During the warmer months, children are more likely to be outside playing, making your car vulnerable to damage from balls they may be throwing around. Park your vehicle away from the street to avoid any unwelcome accidents, such as small car dents.

Shopping Trolleys

Not all shoppers choose to put their trolleys away after they’ve used them. Gusts of wind can cause trolleys to move out of place and fast. They can then hit your vehicle, or you might hit one that has unexpectedly moved when reversing.

Be trolley-aware at the supermarket or the shopping mall to avoid any nasty small car dent surprises on your vehicle.


The chance of hail significantly increases between November and March. Always keep an eye on the weather forecast and park your car undercover if there’s a high chance of hail.

Flying debris during storms is another common cause of dents and dings, so if very bad weather is on the way and it’s not essential to go out in your car, it may be wiser to stay home than to risk injury and hail damage to your car.

Severe weather can also cause people to behave differently. When leaving their cars, they may be less careful than usual when opening car doors, as they’re in a hurry to get undercover. This is another critical moment that can make small car dents more likely.

Paintless Dent Removal on the Gold Coast

You can’t always be 100 per cent vigilant, so it’s almost inevitable that you’ll experience small car dents at some point. PDR 2U offers the most convenient paintless dent removal in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Don’t let your dents create problems further down the road. Get them sorted today by contacting PDR 2U today.