It doesn’t matter whether yours is a wrapped car or not. Unless diamonds or tungsten make up its bodywork, the chances are it will probably get a dent at some point in its life.

Some cars get wrapped modestly. Others get caked in so much vinyl that they’d give Ru Paul a run for his money- the drag star is not picky about pronouns, incidentally.

The question is how easy is it to get a dent out of a vehicle dressed in multicoloured signage and shapes? Find out as we unwrap some surprising home truths about Dent Removal for Vinyl-Wrapped Cars.

Best Left Buried in Folklore

Let’s start with these old chestnuts from the DIY tipsters:

  • Apply a plunger greased with oil or washing-up detergent and suck the sucker out!
  • Use a rubber mallet or hammer and a short plank and bash it out from the inside
  • Place tinfoil over the dent, heat with a hairdryer & then rub in some dry ice cubes
  • Apply some body filler, sand it down, polish, use a primer and repaint
  • Use the hairdryer again to heat the dent up and then blow compressed air into it

Convinced? No, neither are we! You might get lucky once in a while but the real danger with any of these DIY suggestions is that they’ll end up doing more harm than good.

Unfortunately, that’s particularly true of wrapped vehicles. If you own a fleet of commercial vehicles, we understand how important logos and designs are. Our job is to ensure they stay intact and always look their best.

So, don’t let your company’s new marketing strategy become a car crash. Leave the dent removal for vinyl-wrapped cars to the professionals.

The Benefits of Our Paintless Dent Removal Service

For dent removal for vinyl-wrapped cars, you need a person who’s had extensive training and who’s got the right tools for the job. Our paintless dent removal technicians use specialist equipment that meticulously massages a wrapped car’s exterior back into shape.

They’ll methodically push dents out from the inside. They’ll also tap on a panel’s exterior with special tools similar to those a jeweller might use. The vinyl wrap will absorb any strikes and retain its appearance and strength.
Here are some of the key advantages of using PDR 2U

  • Our dent heroes come to you for a more convenient and efficient service
  • Only qualified professionals will carry out the job using expert gear
  • Most jobs will be completed on the same day
  • We offer a seamless service, 7 days a week
  • We achieve a smooth finish every time with no vinyl creases or damaged paintwork

Using our paintless dent removal service is time-saving, great value and a whole lot more convenient than leaving your wrapped car with a body repair shop or panel beater.

Vinyl Wrap Helps Protect Paintwork From Dents

Because the process we use to get rid of dents is non-invasive, there’s no need for you to worry about the vinyl wrap of your vehicle getting damaged. The original paint and any protective covering are going to stay in place.
The process is fast and efficient. After our team has finished, there will be no repainting or “touching-up” needed, no endless sanding and no kind of invasive treatment.

Depending on the size, shape and location of the dent, we can usually get the vehicle looking like new again on the same day. It doesn’t matter if the car has dings, hail damage or creases, we’ll sort it.

Wrapping your car or commercial vehicle not only makes your vehicle unique and stand out, but it also has a hidden benefit. It gives the paint on your car an extra level of protection.

Wrapping Helps Us Remove Dents

The design of car wraps includes an element of protection for the paint on your vehicle. It helps mitigate minor damage and dents and protects against scratches and the environment. Although the wrapping will not stop you from getting dents, it will help to keep the paint intact so you won’t need to give the car a respray.

In the same sort of way, wrapping your car can make dent removal simpler because it helps stop the paint from getting damaged when we carry out the repairs. The plastic coating allows for bending and stretching so the signage or vehicle wrap is more likely to stay intact too.

If you’ve had a dent and are now kicking yourself for using vinyl wrap on your vehicle, think again. It could end up being a blessing in disguise.

A Few Dos and Don’ts

Although our customers tell us that what we do appears to give near-miraculous results, it’s important to also understand what we can’t do. At PDR 2U we’re unable to repair tears or rips in your car wrap, nor can we put right any movement there may have been in it.

We do, however, have trusted partners that we regularly work with and can recommend for these kinds of issues once we’ve worked our magic on the dings and dents.

Although for some repairs we may use a method that involves a glue-pulling technique to remove the dent from the front of the panel, this won’t typically work on dent removal for vinyl-wrapped cars. We will always need access to the back of the panel when there’s vinyl involved in the dent.

If you’re at all in doubt, it’s best to check with us first. We will always do our very best to find a solution. The work is likely to involve getting behind a particular panel with specially designed tools to softly work the damaged metalwork back to its original shape. Again, the paint stays intact so there is no need to use unpleasant fillers or paint.

Leave Dent Removal for Vinyl-Wrapped Cars to Us!

If you’ve been letting out a deep sigh after spotting a fresh dent or ding in your wrapped car or vehicle, don’t despair. Contact PDR 2U now for a free quote. One of our friendly, professionally trained team will be with you soon. PDR 2U is proud to be the Gold Coast’s and Brisbane’s most trusted paintless dent removal company. We can fix nearly any kind of dent on your wrapped car!

Leave dental removals to us at PDR 2U. We’ll have your car looking its best again and that sinking feeling you had when you first saw a dent will quickly be a thing of the past.