We have recently had a major storm pass over the Gold coast area damaging many vehicles in the Parkwood, Arundel and Molendinar area. If you have been a victim of the latest storm damage, please jump online and send us some photos for an instant quote.

Hail storms show no preference for which panels they damage on a vehicle, but it’s the severity of the storm and the size of the hail stones that determine the extent of the damage.
While the roof, boot and bonnet are directly exposed to hail, storms that are combined with strong winds can damage every panel on a car, through falling trees or branches. Small to medium sized hail stones up to 2-3 inches can produce dents that can easily be repaired using paintless dent removal techniques, while larger hail stones can smash windows and damage panels beyond repair, this is when a car will more likely be written off by insurance because the cost of fixing the car outweighs the cars value.

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