Does your wrapped work vehicle have dents and door dings that need to be repaired? if so, you may be wondering whether these dents can be removed without damaging the paint or even the wrap on your car. This guide will help you understand why paintless dent repair is the best option for removing dents from your professionally wrapped vehicle!

Dent Removal and Wrapped Cars
If your wrapped car requires dent removal services, consider working with a paintless dent repair company like PDR 2U. The process is quick and effective and does not require the paint job to be redone, extensive sanding, or any other invasive practices.
To remove door dings and other damage, your paintless dent removal technician will use specialised tools that carefully massage the exterior back into place. Although the timeline will vary based on the severity of the dent, most services can be completed within the same day – and the results are fantastic!

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